Otowav: Personalized Soundwave Jewelry

An Innovative Way to Express Your Feelings

Our wish to express feelings to someone which words just could not do justice to has created Otowav. Deriving from the Japanese word for soundwave, oto, Otowav represents the place where feelings, a voice, and words meet in three dimensions. Every time we speak, our voices produce waves called soundforms. They are the way nature is making our voice visible. Otowav translates your feelings into three dimensions, creating a unique design based on the sound of your voice.

Welcome to the most innovative personalized gift platform. The jewelry speaks for itself. Create your own soundwave jewelry from the Otowav collection. Embed a personalized audio message inside your jewelry gift for instant audio playback on your mobile device.

Each item of our designs is linked to a unique personalized message. It is then sculpted through our algorithm, making each design unique. We felt that three-dimensional printing was the production solution that could fulfill our expectations to deliver the most promising experience for the user.

The Otowav collection offers a range of designs, including pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, and keychains. The dimensions of each piece are carefully crafted to ensure a sleek and elegant look. The packaging is also customized to provide a beautiful presentation for your personalized jewelry.

The interaction with Otowav is simple and intuitive. Record or upload your audio message via the online interface and play it back to ensure it captures your desired sentiment. Then, create your personalized 3D Otowav soundwave through our online algorithm. Interact with your 3D Otowav soundwave in our 3D viewport, exploring its unique shape and form. Finally, select your gift option and quantity to receive a price quote.

When you receive your Otowav, you'll be delighted by the beautiful customized packaging. But it doesn't stop there. With the help of NFC technology, a unique personalized audio message can be played back directly from the packaging, adding an extra layer of sentiment to your gift.

The Otowav project started in February 2018 in Athens, Greece, and was completed in March 2021. Throughout the design process, our team faced several challenges, including the transition from a soundwave form to a three-dimensional object. We had to ensure that the visual representation of the soundwave effectively communicated the message while maintaining an elegant contemporary design. The customization of each design required a production process that involved 3D printing and the use of NFC technology to transfer the personal audio message embedded in each piece.

Recognizing its innovative concept and exceptional design, Otowav was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Jewelry, Eyewear, and Watch Design category in 2023. This prestigious award celebrates designs that demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness, and technical excellence, contributing to improvements in quality of life.

Express your feelings in a unique and meaningful way with Otowav. Let your voice be heard and seen through the art of soundwave jewelry.

Project Details and Credits

Image Credits: Image #1: Photographer Spyros Anastassatos Image #2: Photographer Spyros Anastassatos Image #3: Photographer Spyros Anastassatos Image #4: Photographer Spyros Anastassatos Image #5: Photographer Spyros Anastassatos Video Credits: Sting Studio
Project Team Members: VASSILIS MYLONADIS
Project Name: Otowav

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