Beyond Appearances: A Poetic Fusion of Art and Architecture
Harbin Imperial Lake: A Modern Marvel of Design
Wash Base 718: A Unique Blend of Cafe and Laundromat
Curvo: Embracing Imperfection with Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic
Grand Mansion: A Model House for Contemporary Living
Revolutionizing Wedding Photography: Sight Art Studio
Royal Palace: A Timeless Blend of Classic and Contemporary
Shenyang China Railway Sales Center: A Testament to Geometric Elegance
Flow: A Masterpiece of Artistic Installation and Design
Moli Landscape: A Harmonious Blend of Nature and Architecture
Urban Garden: A Vertical Oasis in the Heart of the City
Shanju: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Innovation
Delhi Garden: A Blooming Marvel in Interior Design
Jinmao Palace: A Modern International Luxury Design

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Huayue Palace: A Private House Designed by Hui Xie
Breathing Context: A Cozy Resort-Inspired Residential Design
Blending Culture and Design: Xishuang Linyu by Kelly Lin
Boyue Palace: A Harmonious Blend of Natural Ecology and Urban Development
Revolutionizing Luxury: Kelly Lin's CR Land Runcheng Sales Center
ABD Architecture LLC's "Ice and Fire": A Chalet Design Inspired by Nature
Yue Rong Xuan Jun Yan: A Modern Interpretation of Cantonese Culture
Binhai Second Sub: Optometry Center
Reviving the Rust Belt: A Unique Approach to Urban Renewal
Rattan and Crane: A Fusion of Oriental Culture and Modern Home Space
Longfor Luchen: A Wabi-Sabi Inspired Model House
Longfor Origin: Redefining Real Estate with Innovative Design
Shuiboli: A Unique Private Residence Designed by Huang Yu
Golden Jade Headquarters: A Symphony of Design and Functionality