Campus 90: A Unique Blend of Student Dormitory, Hotel, and Conference Center
Hera Phacz Home: Integrating Nature and Modern Living
Stodolove: A Modern Barn Conversion in Rumia, Poland
Dua Tau Din Village: Recreating the Charm of an Old Village with Modern Architecture
The Krakow Tenement: A Fusion of Innovation and Tradition
Timeless: A Masterpiece of Residential Design by Satoshi Kurosaki
Core: A Unique and Private Residential House
Yosakoi: A Modern Shop Design by Michihiro Matsuo
Michihiro Matsuo's Cross: A Revolutionary Approach to Residential Design
Obayashi Corporation's Innovative Office Design Wins Silver A' Design Award
Shenzhen Financial Culture Center: A Masterpiece of Futuristic Design
Revolutionizing Architecture: Aedas' MCC Shengshi International Plaza
Aedas' Twisting Tower: A Dance of Light and Form
Unveiling the Semi Opened House: A Masterpiece of Modern Architecture

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Guanghai Cui's Maitreya Dharma: A Masterpiece in Architecture
High Purity Taoist Palace: A Modern Take on Classical Heritage
Mijan: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity
White Rose: A Unique English School Design
Studio Arquitetonico's "Espaco Com Viver": A Sustainable Masterpiece
Revitalizing History: Ann Yu's Award-Winning Guangzhou Julong Bay
Aedas' Innovative High Rise Office Design Wins Prestigious Award
Reviving Traditional Craftsmanship: Ann Yu's TIC Art Center
Pavilion 8: A Unique Used Car Store Design
Blending Nature and Contemporary Architecture: Sile Equestrian Center
Ideareve Ikegami: A Harmonious Blend of Music and Architecture
Islamic Distiller: A Mosque Design Solving Water Scarcity Issues
Evolution Design's Masterpiece: The Hyperbolic Parabolic Entrance to Sberbank City
House a Half: A Mini House Designed for Offline Living