Year of the Tiger: A Spectacular Drone Show by Kaohsiung City Government
Lighting Up Kaohsiung: A New Dawn for Taiwan's Lantern Festival
Intelligent Awareness System: A New Era in Water Pollution Monitoring
Centrestage 2021: A Futuristic Fashion Event by Jason Cheung
Florasis Gold Filigree Love Lock: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation
Revolutionizing Automobile Aesthetics: The Smart Display Wheel
Bamboo Mountains River and Moon: A Wedding Scene Inspired by Chinese Landscape Painting
Mobile Robot SRC-3000F: Revolutionizing Industrial Automation
In Chali: An Immersive Interactive Visual Exhibition for Chali Tea
Xiwang Village Practice Project
River Palace: A Nautical Oasis in the Urban Jungle
School Simulator: An Autistic Preschool Training App
Birch Forest: A Poetic Blend of Architecture and Nature
Acorny: A Physical Computing Educational Product

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Germgo: The Intelligent Disinfection Robot for Public Places
Fun Stories of Fun Friends
Hohobare Amahare: A Unique Restaurant and Champagne Bar Design
Ding Sing: A Spicy Hot Pot Restaurant Inspired by Taiwan Culture
Aurora Number One: The Future of Community Cleaning
Jelly Tea: A Gamified Regimen Service for Youth Health
The Island Is a Symbol of the Times
Reviving Traditional Fish Markets: A Digital Transformation
Joyful Visang: A New Era of Textbook Design
Revolutionizing Education: The "Science is O2" Textbook
Revolutionizing Math Learning: The Gae Plus Yu Workbook
Aris-Imr: Revolutionizing Inventory Management with Intelligent Robotics
Art Farm: A Blend of East and West in a Unique Guest House
Brooklyn Luxury: A Blend of Classic and Contemporary Design