Xijiajia: The AI-Driven Digital Idol

Revolutionizing Content Creation with AI and Human Interaction

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, AI has become an integral part. Bridging the gap between the AI and human world, Baidu Online Network Technology introduces Xijiajia, a digital human created by AI. This article explores the unique features, inspiration, and technological prowess behind this groundbreaking design.

The inspiration behind Xijiajia stems from the growing importance of AI in our world. The design team aimed to create a digital human that could serve as an observer of the human world, fostering a deeper understanding of the relationship between humans and AI, and paving the way for future developments.

What sets Xijiajia apart is her ability to create works through AI. She possesses human-like appearance, perception, interaction, and self-expression. Her looks, facial expressions, movements, speech, and even clothing are all generated by AI algorithms. Xijiajia can communicate intelligently with users based on her preset personality and independently create works like painting, composition, and music arrangement through deep learning.

The creation of Xijiajia involves AI extracting and fusing facial features of several popular Asian women to generate her appearance. Her facial expressions, movements, speech, and clothing can be altered according to different scenarios. Xijiajia can empathize with users and generate dialogues appropriate to the situation, making her a digital human who understands users best.

Xijiajia is equipped with nine core abilities including AIGC, real-time conversation, AI singing and dancing, AI mouth movements and facial expressions, AI dressing, live streaming, and multiple languages. She learns and iterates independently during communication with users, performing, live streaming, and generating creative works like a human.

The project was designed and developed in Beijing in November 2021 and launched in China in February 2022. The design is based on the transition from UGC and PGC to AIGC, i.e., content generated by AI. Xijiajia, as a digital human truly driven by AI, possesses world-class comprehension, iteration, and independent creativity. She serves as an observer for the human world, connecting the AI world and the human world, and promoting innovation in AI digital human and content creation to reduce cost and increase efficiency of social resource acquisition.

Despite the challenges of integrating human thinking and independent learning and iteration, Xijiajia has successfully filled the gap in the field of content creation by virtual humans. She can translate multiple languages and sign language, reducing the need for professionals and benefiting people with hearing impairments. This groundbreaking design has earned the Platinum A' Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering Design Award in 2023, recognizing its exceptional innovation and contribution to societal wellbeing.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd
Image Credits: Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd
Project Team Members: Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd
Project Name: Xijiajia
Project Client: Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd

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