Sisu: A Minimalist Hair Salon Design by Jun Kameda

Unleashing the Potential of Natural Light

Sisu, a hair salon located in Nagoya, Japan, underwent a remarkable transformation under the creative vision of designer Jun Kameda. By embracing minimalism and harnessing the power of natural light, Kameda has created a unique and sustainable space that stands out in the competitive world of beauty salons.

The original tenant space was dimly lit, with windows hidden behind built-in walls and exterior signboards. However, Kameda saw the potential in these wide windows to flood the salon with natural light. With this in mind, the interior and exterior were adjusted to create a sense of openness, making the windows a symbolic feature of the space.

One of the standout features of Sisu is its iconic chairs. Kameda recognized that hair salons often lack distinctive furniture, so he made the chairs the focal point of the design. These chairs not only serve their functional purpose but also influence other design details within the one-room space, creating a harmonious and interconnected environment.

The overall design concept for Sisu revolves around a minimalist approach. The space is filled with white, creating a canvas-like backdrop for the carefully curated furniture. This minimalistic aesthetic not only exudes elegance but also contributes to the salon's sustainability. The chairs and other interior features are designed to be easily maintained, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

To bring the design to life, Kameda utilized various techniques and materials. The concrete skeleton floor was polished and coated with clear urethane, resulting in a sleek and easy-to-clean surface. The chairs and mirrors were crafted using dyed lauan plywood, adding warmth and depth to the space.

Sisu was designed to be operated by the owner alone, with a focus on efficiency and customer experience. The layout and flow of the salon were carefully considered to ensure that both the owner and customers can navigate the space comfortably. The vertical window blinds allow for control over the intensity of natural light, making it the primary light source during the day. This not only enhances the salon's identity but also provides a serene view of the surrounding trees.

The project, which began in January 2021 and concluded in July 2021, successfully overcame several challenges. One notable challenge was breaking the stereotype of placing a consultation area facing the entrance. Instead, a large white tile-covered rectangular solid was installed, serving multiple functions such as a work desk and a display platform. This unconventional choice, combined with the deep wooden color of the furniture, creates a welcoming and residential-like atmosphere.

Sisu, with its emphasis on natural light, minimalism, and functionality, has garnered recognition in the design world. In 2023, it was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category. This prestigious accolade celebrates designs that showcase creativity, resourcefulness, and a commitment to improving quality of life.

Through his innovative approach, Jun Kameda has transformed Sisu into a hair salon that goes beyond the ordinary. With its unique design elements and sustainable features, Sisu offers a refreshing and inspiring experience for both the owner and clients.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Jun Kameda
Image Credits: Photographer Kenta Hasegawa
Project Team Members: Jun Kameda
Project Name: Sisu
Project Client: Jun Kameda

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