Jaipur Collection: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Sonal Tuli's Furniture Collection Celebrates the Spirit of India's Pink City

The Jaipur collection, designed by Sonal Tuli, is a captivating narrative that encapsulates the vibrant spirit and rich heritage of Jaipur, India's Pink City. Drawing inspiration from the city's majestic architecture and traditional blue pottery, this collection is a testament to the seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

The collection comprises seven unique pieces, each reflecting the cultural richness of Jaipur. The designs encapsulate the essence of the city's splendid palace forms and the hues and motifs of blue pottery, creating a spectacular unison of tradition and modernity. Each piece, handcrafted to perfection in India, is a work of art and a collector's dream.

The Jaipur collection is realized through the extraordinary and timeless crafts of stone inlay and stone overlay, traditional Indian crafts that require expert hand skill. The purity of white marble and the beautiful blue of lapis lazuli come together to create patterns that are both intricate and captivating. This craftsmanship is a legacy passed on from generations of master craftsmen.

The collection is not just aesthetically pleasing but also interactive. The Jaipur sideboard, for instance, offers a surprise glimpse of pink when one peeks inside the shutter, reminiscent of Jaipur's pink sandstone. The Jaipur chandelier and pendant, when lit, bring alive the traditional patterns crafted with lapis lazuli on the glowing white marble. The Jaipur mirror comes with an option of backlit knobs, adding to its allure.

The design process was a journey of exploration and discovery. A field trip to Jaipur marked the beginning of the research for the collection. The team was inspired by the Mughal and Rajput Architecture of the region, particularly the geometry and proportions of the Hawa Mahal. The colors and patterns of blue pottery also played a crucial role in shaping the collection.

Despite the challenges faced during the design development, such as the fragility of blue pottery tiles and the weight of the Jaipur console, the team managed to overcome them through innovative solutions. The result is a collection that is not only visually stunning but also robust and functional.

The Jaipur collection is a celebration of Indian craft, craftsmanship, and contemporary design. It is a testament to the designer's creativity and commitment to preserving and promoting traditional crafts. The collection was awarded the Golden A' Furniture Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding design and craftsmanship.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli
Image Credits: Image #1 : 3D Visualiser Sushant Verma, 2022. Image #2 : 3D Visualiser Sushant Verma, 2022. Image #3 : Photographer Sohel Ahmed, 2022. Image #4 : Photographer Sohel Ahmed, 2022. Image #5 : Photographer Sohel Ahmed, 2022. Video Credits : Videographer and Editor : Raoul Tandon, 2022.
Project Team Members: Sonal Tuli Sanjana Dawani
Project Name: Jaipur
Project Client: Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli

Jaipur IMG #2
Jaipur IMG #3
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Jaipur IMG #5

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