The Gorgeous Land: A Masterpiece of Residential Design

Harmony Construction Limited Company's Innovative Approach to Apartment Common Areas

In an era where living spaces are more than just homes, Harmony Construction Limited Company has redefined the concept of residential design with their project, "The Gorgeous Land". This design project, which focuses on the common areas of an apartment building, has been awarded Silver in A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

The Gorgeous Land is a unique design project that transforms the common areas of an apartment building into spaces of comfort, luxury, and functionality. These areas, which include the lobby, parking spaces, reception area, and entertainment and meeting rooms, are essential spaces that residents interact with daily. The design team has cleverly utilized earthy colors and natural elements to create a warm, generous, and comfortable living ambiance.

The exterior of the building is a testament to the design team's innovative approach. Made of Samantha Blue Granite, the building exudes a rock-solid look, unique texture, and color, conveying a sense of stability and trustworthiness. The lobby, with its gray and white marble texture, glow boxes, metal frames, and mirrored materials, creates a modern luxury space. The parking area, on the other hand, integrates dark stone elements with the linear lighting of the canopy, reflecting a restrained and hi-tech vibe.

The design team has also paid meticulous attention to the VIP room, creating an immersive and welcoming experience. The warmth of the space has been produced through the use of wood, transforming it into a comfortable and pleasant guest reception area. The lounge and meeting room on the fourth floor, defined by a transparent partition, are filled with wood elements, offering users a relaxing and comfortable space.

The Gorgeous Land is not just about aesthetics but also about functionality. The vertical stratification of the space is planned to define the movement lines between residents and visitors entering the property, ensuring the residents' safety and a wonderful visit for guests. Moreover, the stone, wood, and light soft colors deliver a comfortable and relaxing spatial expression.

The project, which spans about 4134 square meters, is set to be completed in 2026 in Taipei, Taiwan. Despite the challenges of designing a space that caters to both residents and visitors, Harmony Construction Limited Company has managed to create a design that is not only attractive but also stress-releasing and enjoyable. This innovative approach to residential design has earned them the prestigious Silver A' Design Award, a testament to their outstanding expertise and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hsin Chih Wu
Image Credits: Harmony Construction Limited Company, 2022
Project Team Members: Hsin Chih Wu
Project Name: The Gorgeous Land
Project Client: Hsin Chih Wu

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