Jamtland: A Visual Ode to Nature

Tom Linden and Vita Li's Award-Winning 3D Visualization Campaign

Tom Linden and Vita Li's design project, Jamtland, brings the natural beauty of Sweden to life in a stunning 3D visualization campaign. This design, which won the Golden A' Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering Design Award in 2023, showcases the designers' ability to blend technology and nature in a unique and captivating way.

The inspiration for Jamtland came from the client's desire to communicate their brand's close connection to the region of Jamtland and its natural surroundings. Linden and Li proposed a design language that incorporates floating compositions featuring the diverse biomes and flora of the region, with each product as the focal point. The client was pleased with this suggestion, and the project was launched.

What sets Jamtland apart is its meticulous attention to detail. The project involved recreating various plant species and natural biomes from Jamtland, Sweden using 3D modeling and visualization. Six pictures showcase different local microbiomes, including the moss heather and other flora of the mountains and the ferns of the lowland forests. Extensive research and reference collection was conducted for the accurate depiction of the plant species, and the incorporation of the client's brand colors as a backdrop added an additional challenge to the project.

The technology used for this project was Houdini, a 3D package with which the designers modelled the various plants using procedural techniques. This allowed them to make various variations of each plant as well as composing the scenes. Additionally, they used Moi3D for modelling the products and utilized Octane Renderer to render the final images in high resolution. All the final images were rendered in 6000 pixels using Octane Renderer and no post production were made.

The project was not without its challenges. Summarizing a local flora biome and its distinct look in small compositions proved to be a complex task. Incorporating these compositions into the floating arrangements presented difficulties, particularly when incorporating water elements that needed to be anchored to the ground while still appearing to float. Furthermore, the inclusion of the brand's six colors as backgrounds added another layer of complexity to the project.

Despite these challenges, the final result was a stunning visualization that accurately reflected the client's focus on natural, sustainable practices and a close connection to nature. The imagery allows the viewer to begin associating the product line with these positive attributes. The project started in the beginning of June 2022 in Gavle, Sweden and finished in July 2022.

In conclusion, Jamtland is a testament to the power of design and technology in bringing nature to life. The project showcases the designers' ability to blend art, science, and technology to create a visually stunning and meaningful campaign. The Golden A' Design Award that it won is a testament to the hard work and creativity that went into its creation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Tom Lindén
Image Credits: Copyright © 2023 Visuals By Nor. All Rights Reserved.
Project Team Members: Tom Linden Vita Li
Project Name: Jamtland
Project Client: Tom Lindén

Jamtland IMG #2
Jamtland IMG #3
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Jamtland IMG #5

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