Revolutionizing Home Entertainment: The Wall A2 by Nakamura Co.

Introducing a Freestanding, Mobile TV Stand with Unprecedented Flexibility

The Wall A2, a groundbreaking design by Nakamura Co., redefines the concept of a TV stand, offering a high degree of freedom for TV installation, and transforming the way we consume entertainment at home.

The Wall A2 is not just a TV stand; it's a response to the evolving nature of entertainment. With the rise of streaming services, gaming, and online fitness programs, televisions have become personal devices for diverse entertainment needs. Recognizing this shift, Nakamura Co. embarked on a project to develop a TV stand that would allow users to place a TV anywhere in a room, according to their viewing preference, rather than spatial requirements.

What sets the Wall A2 apart from other TV stands is its unique design and functionality. This freestanding TV stand comes with casters, allowing easy installation anywhere in a room. It accommodates a variety of TVs from different manufacturers, which can be installed at any height without drilling holes in the wall. The viewing angle, orientation, and position can be easily adjusted, providing an unparalleled level of flexibility.

The Wall A2 is a testament to Nakamura Co.'s commitment to innovative design and technology. Its simple, 7-shaped design aligns with modern aesthetic principles. The structure, consisting of a steel pipe welded to a plate, is designed for easy manufacturing and assembly. The entire body is coated with satin powder, and a woodgrain finish is baked onto the surface of the supporting pillar, giving it the texture of high-quality furniture.

Despite its compact size and shape, the Wall A2 is designed to enhance the viewer's immersive audio-visual experience. The '7'-shaped stand gives the sensation of the TV screen emerging from the surroundings. Optional shelves are provided to accommodate peripheral devices, and all cables are hidden inside the supporting pillar, maintaining a clean, clutter-free appearance.

The Wall A2 project, which started in May 2021 and was completed in June 2022, was driven by extensive research into the diverse viewing styles of today's consumers. The design team faced the challenge of creating a TV stand that was compact, stable, and stylish, while also being able to be placed anywhere in a house. After multiple simulations and tests, they achieved an impressive base thinness of 26 mm, contributing to the stand's stylish design.

For its innovative design and contribution to enhancing home entertainment, the Wall A2 was awarded the Golden A' Furniture Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is granted to outstanding creations that reflect the designer's prodigy and wisdom, embodying extraordinary excellence and significantly impacting the world with their desirable characteristics.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Nakamura Co.
Image Credits: Image #1 :Photographer Nakamura Co,Variations,2022. Image #2 :Photographer Nakamura Co.Variations,2022. Image #3 :Photographer Nakamura Co.Variations,2022. Image #4 :Photographer Nakamura Co.Variations,2022. Image #5 :Photographer Nakamura Co.Variations,2022.
Project Team Members: Producer:Akira Nakamura Designer:Toshiaki Komori Designer:Hiroshi Tozawa Designer:Takashi kurita Supply Chain Manager:Naohisa Inoue
Project Name: Wall A2
Project Client: Nakamura Co.

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