The Vienna Park Loft

A Luxurious Cityloft Designed by Zsolt Szalai

The Vienna Park Loft is a unique and luxurious cityloft designed by renowned designer Zsolt Szalai. This stunning project showcases the designer's creativity and vision, transforming an attic apartment into a spacious and elegant living space.

The inspiration behind the Vienna Park Loft was to create a luxury apartment that goes beyond the conventional. Szalai aimed to incorporate special rooms and features that are typically hard to find in traditional apartments. One such example is the cigar corner, complete with a floating bar and wine fridge, as well as a theater room. The theater room is a partially separated space, located behind the divan and adjacent to the dining area, with access via stairs on both sides. Its distinctive features include a five-meter mirrored wall and a hand basin in the center.

What sets the Vienna Park Loft apart from others is its unique approach to space. The existing small rooms were structurally and visually opened up, creating a sense of spaciousness throughout. Fixed elements such as stair railings, wardrobes, and flower troughs were transformed into one-of-a-kind sculptures, adding an artistic touch to the design. The choice of colors and materials was deliberately kept minimal, allowing the form and composition of the objects to take center stage.

The realization of the Vienna Park Loft involved the use of high-quality materials such as DuPont Corian, wood, burnished steel, Corten steel, and mirrors. The sculptures in the loft are predominantly made of burnished steel and Corian, while Corten steel was used both indoors and outdoors. To prevent rusting and wear, the Corten steel used for the interior was sealed.

With a total size of approximately 250 square meters, the Vienna Park Loft offers a timeless and luxurious living experience. The design seamlessly combines art, architecture, and interior design to create a space that is both visually stunning and functional. The loft's unique characteristics and eye-catching accents make it a truly exceptional living space.

The Vienna Park Loft project began in 2021 and was completed in early 2023. It is located in the 4th district of Vienna, Austria. Through careful planning and research, Szalai was able to transform even the most essential areas of the loft into works of art. The staircase railings, for example, were designed as artistic sculptures that guide visitors to the open main living space on the next floor.

One of the challenges in designing the Vienna Park Loft was incorporating functional elements such as air conditioning units and inspection openings within the sculptures or discreetly hiding them. Accessibility for repairs and maintenance was a key consideration in ensuring that these essential components remained easily accessible.

The Vienna Park Loft is a testament to Zsolt Szalai's artistic vision and design expertise. By dissolving the existing small rooms and creating a spacious luxury apartment, he has created a truly remarkable living space. The loft's unique sculptures, minimalist color palette, and careful selection of materials all contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal. It is no wonder that the Vienna Park Loft was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023, recognizing its outstanding creativity and resourcefulness.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Zsolt Szalai
Image Credits: 1: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Staircase one, 2023 2: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Corian relief wall, 2023 3: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Upper floor, 2023 4: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Kitchen, 2023 5: Photographer Zsolt Szalai, Staircase two, 2023
Project Team Members: Zsolt Szalai
Project Name: The Vienna Park Loft
Project Client: Zsolt Szalai

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