Luna Lankastar: The Night Witch of Linerma

An Enthralling Tale of Magic, Darkness, and Responsibility

Mania Carta, a seasoned designer, brings to life Luna Lankastar, a mysterious witch with a mission to save her world. Inspired by anime, video games, and Korean culture, this design is a testament to the power of imagination and the allure of the unknown.

Mania Carta's fascination with the fantastical and the dark is evident in his creation, Luna Lankastar. Raised by the Goddess of Light, Visatra, Luna is entrusted with the powers and secrets of the most known witches. Her mission is to protect everyone from the impending darkness and free the witches trapped in another dimension by Enix, the god of chaos.

What sets Luna apart is her dark side, a secret she must keep until she faces Enix. She seeks the help of Vatilia, the Light Witch, to unleash her power and summon Antolia, the Queen of Ice. Their goal is to shatter the darkness and release the locked witches in the abandoned land of Madula. The intrigue lies in Luna's origin and the dark forces that await the witches in Linerma.

The design was realized using Blender, with occasional use of Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, and Substance Painter. The main artwork of Luna is a portrait of size 2250X3000 pixel, capturing her mystery and power. The design process started in Tokyo in January 2022, with updates every two months featuring new character designs and story reveals.

Mania Carta's research for Luna's character involved a deep dive into Korean culture, particularly K-pop fashion. However, he wanted Luna to be unique and mysterious, so he combined elements from interior design, such as ceiling lamps and crescents, to create Luna's magic earring. The rest of Luna's elements, including her clothes and hairstyle, sprung from his imagination.

The challenge in bringing Luna to life was unexpected. Mania Carta initially intended to create a CG model of a fashionable Korean girl, but as he delved deeper into the design, Luna, the Night Witch of Linerma, emerged. He believes that reproducing Luna would be impossible, adding to her mystery and uniqueness.

This design was awarded the Golden A' Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering Design Award in 2023. The award recognizes marvelous, outstanding, and trendsetting creations that advance art, science, design, and technology. Luna Lankastar is indeed a testament to Mania Carta's prodigious talent and wisdom.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Mania Carta
Image Credits: Luna Lankastar the Night Witch of Linerma By マニア カレタ (Mania Carta)
Project Team Members: Mania Carta
Project Name: Luna Lankastar
Project Client: Mania Carta

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Luna Lankastar IMG #5

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