Arbo Design's Innovative Appliance Line Wins Prestigious Award

Revolutionizing Home Comfort with Unique Design Strategy

Arbo Design's new line of home appliances, named Pelonis, has been recognized with the Silver A' Home Appliances Design Award in 2023. The award-winning design strategy emphasizes affordable innovation and a human-centered approach, setting a new standard in the home comfort products market.

The Pelonis line was conceived to address a gap in the North American market where consumer perceptions were not fully aligned with the brand's offerings. Despite the product's functionalities being highly relevant, the product family was not effectively communicating its features. Arbo Design took on the challenge of creating a new brand language that would offer differentiation and convey a premium message without incurring increased production costs.

The unique properties of the design strategy lie in its visual brand language (VBL), which was created to communicate the company's personality and equip designers with a powerful tool to control the creative process. The VBL expresses the brand’s core attributes and values across a collection of environment care appliances, including heaters, air purifiers, and fans. The design strategy emphasizes affordable innovation in home comfort products as well as a human-centered design approach.

The Pelonis line is made from a variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, ABS, and polycarbonate, along with a range of LEDs. Paints and finishes have been used to create the desired look and feel, with all materials carefully selected to ensure the product is attractive, durable, and reliable. This design supports the company's commitment to sustainability by using materials that are recycled, recyclable, and energy-efficient components.

The design process involved creating conceptual definitions that form the brand platform, verbal identity, and visual identity. The challenge was to develop a verbal language and make it tangible in the context of the brand and in the development of its products. This VBL is featured in all product levels, inspiring the project team and creating an emotional bond between the brand and the consumer. It provides direction to evaluate the success of a product and express the brand’s core attributes and values.

The project, which began in November 2022 in Brazil and China and concluded in February 2023, was based on extensive research including desk field, consumer insights, and trend mappings. The outcome was a new VBL system that considers cultural factors even as objective aesthetics. The production will occur in China.

The Pelonis line is a testament to Arbo Design's commitment to innovation and differentiation. The sleek and modern design is aesthetically pleasing and reflects its functionality. The design incorporates a range of metallic materials and LEDs, creating a premium look that speaks to the product's quality. The design also supports the company's commitment to sustainability. The Silver A' Design Award is a testament to the exceptional design and innovation that Arbo Design has brought to the home appliances market.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: ARBO design
Image Credits: ARBO design team, Freepik e Pexels.
Project Team Members: Daniel Kroker Valkiria Pedri Fialkowski
Project Name: Pelonis
Project Client: ARBO design

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Pelonis  IMG #5

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