Chilled Milk: A Design Inspired by High Quality Cows

Expressing Nature's Tastiness and Good Breeding Environment

Inspired by the high quality cows, designers Kazuo Fukushima and Haruka Takeuchi have created Chilled Milk, a design that focuses on the importance of a good breeding environment for providing tasty fresh milk. The design features gold color printing to express the high quality, while hand-drawn illustrations showcase the natural and delicious taste. The inclusion of grass in the mouth of the cow symbolizes the good breeding environment. With its eye-catching golden cow mark, Chilled Milk stands out on the sales floor as a symbol of this exceptional product.

Meiji Investment, the company behind Chilled Milk, selects only the highest quality farms and raw milk. The dairy cows are raised in comfortable free-range cowsheds, with measures in place to prevent heatstroke during the summer. The cows have access to well-balanced mixed rations, ensuring they provide reliable, safe, and high-quality fresh milk. Chilled Milk's design aims to express the care and attention given to these dairy cows, making it a perfect fit for the Chinese market.

The realization of Chilled Milk involves a method of pouring milk into a cap-type container, ensuring freshness, cleanliness, and ease of pouring. The manufacturing process includes strict quality management, improved equipment cleaning, and machine sterilization to prevent secondary pollution. Additionally, the use of Extended Shelf Life (ESL) technology extends the product's shelf life, providing consumers with a longer-lasting and fresher milk experience.

Chilled Milk comes in three different sizes: 950ml, 450ml, and 200ml. The carton material is recyclable paper, while the cap is made from recyclable plastic, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability.

The Chilled Milk design is characterized by keywords such as China, Chilled Milk, Logo, Japan, Cow, Low fat, Fat free, and Milk crown. The design team behind this project includes Creative Director Kazuo Fukushima, Graphic Designer Haruka Takeuchi, Illustrator Mai Senoo, and Account Director Xu Xuehua.

The design process for Chilled Milk involved thorough market analysis, target analysis, and brand analysis to understand consumer preferences and differentiate the product from competitors. Creative ideas were then developed, resulting in an original design that effectively communicates the freshness and high quality of the milk. Sample checks and color checks were conducted to ensure the design met the desired standards.

The Chilled Milk project began in January 2022 in Shanghai and was completed in August 2022. The product was launched in China in October 2023.

The design of Chilled Milk was supported by extensive research, including an analysis of luxury supermarkets, competitive analysis in internet sales, analysis of the target market's consumers, and an examination of packaging designs in the Japanese market.

One of the creative challenges faced during the design process was to create a design that intuitively conveys the freshness of the milk and its high quality. The inclusion of an iconized milk crown effectively communicates the good taste, while an original logo symbolizes the premium nature of the product. The use of three different colors to classify the three taste variations ensures easy understanding for consumers. This design format accommodates the three sizes and three tastes of Chilled Milk.

Chilled Milk is a testament to the dedication and care put into raising dairy cows in a good breeding environment. With its striking design and commitment to quality, it is poised to make a mark in the Chinese market.

Photographer: Zhu Jie

Intellectual Property Notice: Copyrights belong to Meiji China Investment Co.,Ltd. 2022.

Awards and Accolades: Chilled Milk was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in Packaging Design in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. The design of Chilled Milk integrates industry best practices and showcases competent technical characteristics, providing fulfillment and positive experiences for consumers, ultimately contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: KAZUO FUKUSHIMA
Image Credits: Photographer: Zhu Jie
Project Team Members: Creative Director: Kazuo Fukushima Graphic Designer: Haruka Takeuchi Illustrator: Mai Senoo Account Director: Xu Xuehua
Project Name: Chilled Milk

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