Technology Inheritance: AI-Generated Architectural Exteriors

Revolutionizing Architectural Design with Artificial Intelligence

Outstanding architectural exterior design can bring attention and economic benefits. However, the complexity of exterior architectural design often results in varying quality between experienced designers and beginners. To bridge this gap, Junming Chen, a renowned designer, has developed an innovative solution: an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can expertly generate building exteriors, helping beginners achieve designs that approach the quality of master builders.

This groundbreaking project, known as Technology Inheritance, trains an AI to professionally generate the appearance of buildings. By inputting text descriptions, designers can specify the architectural style they desire, and the AI swiftly generates stunning building exteriors. This process allows designers to obtain design concept proposals through AI cooperation and continuously optimize their designs.

The unique strength of Technology Inheritance lies in its ability to generate buildings of different architectural styles according to user input. In just a matter of seconds, the AI produces highly detailed and realistic architectural renderings. Designers can easily modify the design by adjusting the text description, enabling them to explore various possibilities and refine their ideas.

The realization of this technology involves fine-tuning the existing AI through a process called stable diffusion. By reworking the dataset and training the AI to generate specific architectural styles, Technology Inheritance assists junior designers in creating high-quality designs. The use of stable diffusion ensures that the AI understands the design skills of different architects, resulting in refined and visually appealing architectural exteriors.

Using a fine-tuned stable diffusion technique, Technology Inheritance generates building exteriors that meet the highest standards of architectural design. The AI system has been meticulously trained using a curated dataset of outstanding designer building exteriors, ensuring that the generated designs possess the desired aesthetic qualities.

The interaction with Technology Inheritance is straightforward. Professional designers collect and mark images of exceptional designer building exteriors, which are then used to train the AI. Designers can input text descriptions specifying the desired architectural style, and the AI generates the corresponding exterior design. Unsatisfactory details can be modified through text descriptions, allowing designers to iterate and refine their designs until they achieve the desired outcome.

Technology Inheritance was completed in 2023 and has already garnered recognition for its groundbreaking approach. The project was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Generative, Algorithmic, Parametric, and AI-Assisted Design category. This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon designs that demonstrate innovation, practicality, and adherence to professional and industrial requirements. Technology Inheritance's integration of industry best practices and competent technical characteristics contributes to a better world by enhancing design efficiency and quality.

With Technology Inheritance, the future of architectural design is being reshaped. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, designers can unlock their creativity and produce high-quality designs that rival those of experienced professionals. This innovative technology not only accelerates the design process but also empowers designers to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of architectural aesthetics.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Junming Chen
Image Credits: Junming Chen
Project Team Members: Junming Chen
Project Name: Technology Inheritance
Project Client: Junming Chen

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