Dragonpass: A Brand Identity Transformation

Mtc Brand Consultancy's Award-Winning Redesign of the Dragonpass Brand

Dragonpass, a leading membership benefit solutions service provider, recently underwent a brand identity transformation. Spearheaded by Mtc Brand Consultancy, the redesign aimed to revamp Dragonpass's traditional image, making it more inclusive and international. This article delves into the inspiration, unique properties, and realization technology behind the redesign, which won the Silver A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023.

The original brand identity of Dragonpass was a dragon emblem, a symbol deeply rooted in Eastern culture. As a global enterprise originating from China, Dragonpass needed a more internationalized brand image. Mtc Brand Consultancy, in collaboration with the company's management team, refined a new inspiring mission for Dragonpass: "Going For New Aspirations." The Magician archetype from the brand personality model served as the basis for the brand image design.

Dragonpass, being the world's second-largest and Asia-Pacific's leading membership benefit solutions service provider, needed a brand image upgrade to match its strategic transformation opportunity. The redesign focused on global vision, diversity, vitality, and humanism. By redesigning the brand's symbols and extending graphics, activating the brand colors, Mtc Brand Consultancy redefined and standardized the Dragonpass brand visual system.

The design team used the concept of a magical wand trace and combined it with the initial letter "D" of Dragonpass for the design. The new logo is dynamic, with the magical wand trace crossing multiple dimensions, symbolizing that Dragonpass will always bring surprises to its clients and users. The team also added elegant and fashionable colors like purple to the original red-dominated visual identity, making Dragonpass even more attractive.

The new visual identity reduces complexity and returns to a simple appeal, making it easier to be recognized and disseminated in all scenarios. It aligns with the global urban aesthetic trend, helping shape an international and upscale brand image while interpreting the concepts and visions of Dragonpass. The auxiliary graphics have strong visual impact, adaptability, and flexibility, enhancing the overall visual effects. They also carry symbolic meanings such as "active", "enjoy", and "cheerful", serving as expressions of the brand's attitude and emotions.

The project began in Guangzhou in May 2022 and launched in Guangzhou in February 2023. The design team faced the challenge of inheriting and reshaping the brand's original visual image, which must comply with the development of visual trends without completely deviating from the original impression. To achieve this, they refined and innovated elements based on DragonPass's original visual assets, aligning with the corporate culture and catering to popular aesthetic concepts. They added a sense of freshness and appeal to the brand's visual image.

The redesign of Dragonpass's brand system deepened the transformation of the brand style, brand VI, and their applications. The addition of brand colors aligns with Dragonpass's strategic inclination for diversified development. By pairing it with visual symbols created based on the brand's original concepts and cultural values, the entire system gains cultural universality and high interactivity, contributing to the overall image upgrade and evolution of the brand. The redesign was awarded Silver in A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Mtc Brand Consultancy
Image Credits: Mtc Brand Consultancy
Project Team Members: Mtc Brand Consultancy
Project Name: Dragonpass
Project Client: Mtc Brand Consultancy

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Dragonpass IMG #5

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