Co Ba Coffee: A Unique Blend of Vietnamese Culture and Coffee

Introducing Co Ba Coffee: A Taste of Vietnam

Co Ba Coffee is a new coffee start-up by Ms. Huong, also known as Co Ba, from Hoi An. With a mission to introduce Vietnamese food and coffee culture to the world, Co Ba Coffee aims to highlight identity and creativity through its unique caffeinated beverages that break away from French colonization coffee traditions. One of their main goals is to introduce the authentic and unique egg coffee, a part of Vietnamese culture for decades, but still relatively unknown to the rest of the world's food map.

Co Ba Coffee's logo design is based on a minimalist image of Ms. Huong, symbolizing the nostalgia of family bonds, cultural heritage, and community cohesion. The brand name, "Co Ba," which means "second aunt" in Vietnamese, further reinforces this sense of familial connection. The packaging design incorporates colors inspired by the Vietnamese agricultural landscape, where the coffee beans are cultivated, creating a strong visual identity for the brand.

What sets Co Ba Coffee apart is its commitment to showcasing the diversity and creativity of Vietnamese coffee. The brand aims to attract coffee drinkers on-the-go, particularly teenagers and young adults, who are the main target consumers. The appeal lies in the modern packaging integrated with bold, flavorful coffee, offering a unique experience for coffee enthusiasts.

Co Ba Coffee's stationery and product packaging are made using recyclable paper and polyester, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability. The coffee pouch dimensions are 3/8" x 2 1/2" x 13" inches, ensuring convenience for customers.

The design process involved one-on-one consultations with the client, extensive historical research on Vietnamese food evolution through colonization, and the collection of visual data, such as images of Vietnam's landscape that tell local folk culture and stories. Despite the challenges of online communication due to the time zone difference between Hoi An, Vietnam, and Chicago, USA, the design team, led by My Linh Mac, successfully brought Co Ba Coffee to life.

Co Ba Coffee's unique blend of Vietnamese culture and coffee has garnered recognition in the design world. In 2020, it was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Packaging Design category. This prestigious award is bestowed upon outstanding and creatively ingenious designs that authenticate experience and resourcefulness. Co Ba Coffee's packaging design exhibits strong technical and creative skills, contributing to quality of life improvements and making the world a better place.

With Co Ba Coffee, Ms. Huong and her team have created a brand that not only offers a delicious cup of coffee but also celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam. Through their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, Co Ba Coffee is poised to make a mark in the global coffee industry, one cup at a time.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: My Linh Mac
Image Credits: My Linh Mac
Project Team Members: Graphic Design & Illustration by My Linh Mac
Project Name: Co Ba Coffee
Project Client: My Linh Mac

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Co Ba Coffee IMG #5

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