Studio Arquitetonico's "Espaco Com Viver": A Sustainable Masterpiece

Residential House Design Inspired by Minas Gerais' Simple Living

Studio Arquitetonico's award-winning "Espaco Com Viver" is a residential house design that marries sustainability, technology, and vernacular architecture. Inspired by the simple lifestyle of Minas Gerais, this design transforms the mundane into luxury.

Studio Arquitetonico drew inspiration from the vast backlands of veredas, the riverside population of the São Francisco River, and the simple way of living in the interior of Minas Gerais. The design is a tribute to the gastronomic gatherings of the Minas Gerais family, the mystical and transcendent inspiration of the country people, and the value of roots. The project is a testament to the concept of vernacular architecture, transforming the trivial into luxury.

What sets "Espaco Com Viver" apart is its commitment to sustainability. The walls were constructed from waste, including discarded drywall from the work itself. The coating was carried out by women from bio-construction, who collected land of different shades in landfills. The structure is entirely made of aluminum. The design also features walls that do not touch the ceiling, creating a fluid environment, and there is no entry or exit door.

The realization of this design is a blend of contemporary style and affectionate memories. The pure and straight lines of the environment are complemented by furniture with delicate and organic lines. The use of natural materials, Brazilian woods, and Minas handicrafts emphasize the connection with the theme of the exhibition. The atmosphere is enhanced by works of art, a natural fiber rug, and cozy lighting.

The technical specifications of the design include a façade of pure lines under a pergola of large orthogonal spans. A sculptural, clean, and inviting corten steel bench serves as an asymmetrical focal point, evoking memories of playing in the street and sharing stories on the porch.

The design also incorporates an automation and sound system of quality and reproduction fidelity, enhancing the user experience and allowing immersion in the roots of the design. The project was built for the CASACOR MINAS GERAIS 2021 Show, which took place at the Palacio das Mangabeiras, between July and October 2021.

Studio Arquitetonico overcame creative, technical, and research challenges to create a design that embodies concepts such as ancestry, sustainability, quality of life, origin, social responsibility, and ethics. The design features linear walls that don't touch the ceiling and are manually covered with earth in different tones. The living, kitchen, and dining room are seamlessly integrated, with a façade mirror that mimics the green surroundings and minimalist landscaping.

The design was awarded Silver in A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award in 2023, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation. Studio Arquitetonico's "Espaco Com Viver" is a shining example of how design can connect the past with the present, combining traditional and artisanal techniques with technology to serve an increasingly demanding and conscious society.

Project Details and Credits

Image Credits: Images: Jomar Bragança
Project Name: Espaco Com Viver

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