Revolutionizing Child Safety: The Babyfirst Joy Pro R155

Combining Comfort, Convenience, and Safety in Child Car Seats

In a world where safety and comfort are paramount, the Babyfirst Joy Pro R155, designed by Ningbo Baby First Baby Products Co., Ltd., is a game-changer. This innovative child car seat, inspired by the first child safety seat introduced in 1963, aims to provide not just safety but also comfort for children and ease of operation for parents.

The Joy Pro R155 is a unique car safety seat designed for children aged 0 to 7 years. It stands out from other child car seats with its AirSoft Sleep technology, which supports the child's head and spine properly and adapts to the sitting and lying habits of newborns. The seat also incorporates the innovative huggingo system for temperature control and safety monitoring, ensuring that both child safety and parental convenience are taken into account.

The seat is realized using a slow rebound memory sponge cloud-like headrest, Dow 4D polymer fiber, and DuPont Coolmax quick-drying moisture-wicking fabric. These materials ensure excellent protection, comfort, and breathability. The Babyfirst Integrated Side Protection (BISP) system synergizes with the invisible honeycomb energy-absorbing module, slow rebound sponge, high-performance EPS material, and the synergy of the double shell, providing the product with excellent side anti-collision performance.

The Joy Pro R155 is not just about safety and comfort. It also offers convenience for parents. With just one hand, parents can adjust the rotation angle and seat angle. The huggingo system on the Joy Pro can intuitively display the functions and status of the cockpit, and can be connected with the App and car host system, allowing parents to check the seating status of their children via the App or car smart cockpit. Furthermore, it can alert parents when they are out of the safe distance range, preventing babies from being forgotten in the car.

The design and research of the Joy Pro R155 started in Ningbo in March 2021 and was listed in China in April 2022. The project was driven by the need to address the discomfort caused by hot flash and deformation of the spine in babies due to prolonged sitting or lying down. The design also responds to the societal alarm raised by instances of children being left in cars due to parental negligence. The incorporation of the use of child safety seats into the Law on the Protection of Minors in 2021 marked a new demand for an iteration of child safety seats.

The Joy Pro R155 has overcome several creative, technical, and research challenges. It provides a cozy travel experience for children of different ages and reminds parents via the App if they forget their children when they leave the car. The seat's rotation and angle can be adjusted with one hand, and it offers sitting monitoring and temperature control. It can also be interconnected with a phone or car. The support legs can be fully stored in the base, and children in group II can directly use the car seat belt, with the harness system on the seat storable in the seat without disassembly.

The Joy Pro R155's innovative design and unique features have not gone unnoticed. It was awarded the Golden A' Baby, Kids and Children's Products Design Award in 2023, a prestigious accolade granted to marvelous, outstanding, and trendsetting creations that advance art, science, design, and technology.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Ningbo Baby First Baby Products Co., Ltd
Image Credits: Ningbo Baby First Baby Products Co., Ltd
Project Team Members: D’Andrea & Evers Design B.V.
Project Name: Babyfirst Joy Pro R155
Project Client: Ningbo Baby First Baby Products Co., Ltd

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Babyfirst Joy Pro R155 IMG #5

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