Guo Nian Hao: Xiaohongshu's Innovative Chinese New Year Gift Box

Combining Tradition and Innovation in Packaging Design

Xiaohongshu's 2022 New Year gift box draws inspiration from a legendary tale associated with the Spring Festival, offering a unique blend of tradition and innovation. This gift box aims to pass on New Year traditions to the younger generation through an innovative combination of legends and stories.

Continuing the tradition of our ancestors, Xiaohongshu has prepared a different set of "Light," "Sound," and "Red" for their gift box. The gifts include a camping night light, Halli Galli, red envelopes, and a red calendar book representing Xiaohongshu. To honor the legend of "Nian," Xiaohongshu has designed a new recognizable "Nian" character that appears in various forms throughout the package.

Xiaohongshu has made conscious efforts to use recyclable and lightweight materials for the packaging. The molded trays, in particular, are made from bagasse, a natural and environmentally friendly material. The dimensions of the gift box are 345mm (width) x 285mm (depth) x 100mm (height).

The gift box is designed to engage the recipient in an interactive experience. The gifts can only be accessed after tearing off the riddle sealed on the cover, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the traditional gifting process.

The Guo Nian Hao project was launched in Shanghai in January 2022. The design team, consisting of Mengchao Lu, Chenjing Zhang, Zijian Chen, Hui Li, Tao Wen, and Yiwen Xiao, worked diligently to overcome creative, technical, and research challenges. Their goal was to propose a young and creative concept that seamlessly blends with the traditional story while ensuring the packaging materials are lightweight and eco-friendly.

Xiaohongshu's 2022 New Year gift box is a testament to the brand's commitment to cultural heritage and innovation. By combining legend stories with three types of gifts, this design not only expresses good wishes for the Chinese New Year but also passes down a cultural inheritance to the new generation.

This design was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Packaging Design category in 2023. The Iron A' Design Award recognizes well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. It is respected for integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, providing fulfillment and positive feelings, and contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: REDesign@Xiaohongshu Team
Image Credits: REDstudio@Xiaohongshu,Shanghai Ya Li, Yuqi Wang, Xiaocheng Liu
Project Team Members: Mengchao Lu Chenjing Zhang Zijian Chen Hui Li Tao Wen Yiwen Xiao
Project Name: New Year Gift Box
Project Client: REDesign@Xiaohongshu Team

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New Year Gift Box  IMG #5

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