Medicapsule: A Multiscenario Medical Test Kit

An Innovative Solution for Health Monitoring

Medicapsule is a revolutionary medical test kit designed by Jiannan Wang. This one-stop solution aims to simplify and enhance health monitoring in various daily scenarios.

In today's fast-paced world, people often compromise their health due to the demands of daily life. While medical test devices can help monitor health, they are often cluttered, difficult to find and clean, and lack portability. Additionally, smartwatches with medical functions are portable but cannot precisely test parameters such as blood pressure, glucose, and fat. Recognizing these challenges, Jiannan Wang designed Medicapsule to be a versatile and portable medical companion capable of monitoring health in both indoor and outdoor settings.

What sets Medicapsule apart is its ability to deal with all testing parameters in several daily scenarios. The kit consists of a watch module that can be clipped onto a watch band for continuous outdoor monitoring of blood oxygen, pulse rate, and other vital signs. This module can also be magnetically snapped into different white testing modules within the capsule to professionally test blood oxygen, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, temperature, blood glucose, and fat. All the data gathered is then analyzed smartly within the watch module.

The interactive method of Medicapsule is based on magnet snapping and metal pin power/signal conducting technology. Each testing module utilizes mature technology currently available on the market. The value of Medicapsule lies in its role as a health companion, helping individuals monitor their health in multiple scenarios without the need for developing new technology.

The size of the capsule that contains every component is 230mm x 200mm x 60mm, while the watch module measures 48mm in diameter and 15mm in height. This compact design ensures convenience and ease of use for users.

Medicapsule is not just a medical test kit; it is a comprehensive health monitoring solution. The watch module allows for continuous monitoring of vital signs, while the testing modules provide professional-grade testing capabilities. Users can easily check their testing history by turning the outer ring of the watch module, similar to a shuffle button. When at home, the watch can be charged by snapping it back into the capsule, which also serves as a prompt for routine test alarms.

Jiannan Wang initiated the Medicapsule project in March 2022 in Changsha, Hunan, China. This project represents a new direction in exploring a more compatible way to help people examine themselves routinely for the benefit of their health.

The inspiration for Medicapsule arose from the challenges posed by multiple medical test devices. Wang's research revealed that these devices often cluttered spaces, were difficult to clean, and lacked portability. Smartwatches with medical functions were limited in their testing capabilities. Based on these findings, Wang conceived the idea of Medicapsule as a one-stop solution, a single kit that contains almost every daily testing and health monitoring need.

During the design process, Wang faced challenges in engineering the components to fit into the corresponding test modules while maintaining the lightweight nature of the entire capsule. However, these challenges were overcome, resulting in a well-designed and practical solution.

Medicapsule has received recognition for its innovative design. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the A' Idea and Conceptual Design category in 2023. This award recognizes designs that meet professional and industrial requirements, integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics. Medicapsule's design provides fulfillment and positive feelings, contributing to a better world.

Medicapsule is a testament to Jiannan Wang's creativity and dedication to improving health monitoring. With its unique features and comprehensive testing capabilities, Medicapsule has the potential to revolutionize the way individuals monitor their health in various scenarios.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Liang Zhang, Jiannan Wang
Image Credits: #1: Creator Jiannan Wang, MediCapsule, 2022. #2: Creator Jiannan Wang, MediCapsule, 2022. #3: Creator Jiannan Wang, MediCapsule, 2022. #4: Creator Jiannan Wang, MediCapsule, 2022. #5: Creator Jiannan Wang, MediCapsule, 2022. Video Credits: Creator Jiannan Wang, MediCapsule, 2022.
Project Team Members: Liang Zhang, Jiannan Wang
Project Name: MediCapsule
Project Client: Liang Zhang, Jiannan Wang

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