Revolutionizing Office Comfort: The Icloud Chair

Unveiling Koho R and D Team's Award-Winning Office Chair Design

Discover the Icloud, an innovative office chair designed by the Koho R and D Team. Inspired by the rhythm of music and the human form, this unique piece of office furniture redefines comfort and functionality in the workplace.

The Icloud office chair stands out with its unique design properties. Abandoning the traditional mesh form, it features a deformed soft chair back made from a combination of TPU and nylon materials. This innovative design offers more flexibility, adapting to the dynamic changes in the back during office work and providing users with a unique experience.

The chair's inspiration comes from the rhythm and changes of piano keys and the musical staff. This influence is evident in the gradual hollow shape of the chair back, which organically combines the smooth shape of the lines with a sense of rhythm. This design not only adds aesthetic appeal but also adapts well to various working postures of the human body.

The Icloud chair's realization technology involves the use of nylon for the main frame and TPU for the backrest. Its technical specifications measure a width of 700 mm, depth of 700 mm, and height of 1250 mm. The chair's interaction design is also noteworthy. It responds to the user's movements, tilting left or right as the user does. The handrail can be lifted through buttons under it, and the back of the chair can be tilted backwards with a lockable switch on the chassis. The chair's cushion can also slide back and forth, adjustable according to the user's habits.

The design process, which started in June 2020 and concluded in June 2022, involved extensive research on people's work and sitting postures. The team found that a soft, deformable chair back is more beneficial for relaxation. This finding was supported by 3D simulation and thermal imaging experiments, which helped identify key support points on the human back and adjust the chair's curve to better fit the spine.

Overcoming design challenges, particularly in material selection, was a significant part of the Icloud chair's development. The team tested numerous materials before settling on TPU, which ensured the chair back could deform according to the human body's back curve. The result is a chair that perfectly integrates rhythm into its design, offers more choices and functions through the use of multiple materials, and meets the needs of more people with its multifunctional chassis mechanism and handrail structure.

The Icloud chair's innovative design and functionality have not gone unnoticed. It was awarded Silver in the A' Office Furniture Design Award in 2023, a prestigious accolade given to designs that demonstrate outstanding expertise, innovation, and a remarkable level of excellence. With its unique back shape and soft, swinging, edge-shaped back, the Icloud chair is indeed a testament to the Koho R and D Team's commitment to revolutionizing office comfort.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: KOHO R&D Team
Image Credits: KOHO R&D Team
Project Team Members: KOHO R&D Team
Project Name: Icloud
Project Client: KOHO R&D Team

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