Interweaving Workplace

A Creative and Innovative Office Design by Nikki Ho Lk

Designing a Home-Office Environment for a Young and Energetic AI and 5G Start-up

Situated at the Hong Kong Science Park, UMEC is a research and development company in the AI and 5G industry with a 7,000 sqft working space. The Interweaving Workplace, designed by Nikki Ho Lk, aims to create a home-office and friendly working environment, rather than a futuristic high-tech image.

The design inspiration for the Interweaving Workplace came from the nature of the business itself. Being a young and energetic start-up company, the design team sought to reflect this spirit in the layout. Two angled paths were introduced to create a sense of creativity and innovation, while also allowing natural light to filter into the reception area. Visitors are greeted by sea views, creating a welcoming and open environment.

The office space is divided into different zones, each serving a specific purpose, while maintaining connectivity and a sense of unity. Common spaces are strategically placed near the entrance for easy access, fostering collaboration and interaction among employees. The design also prioritizes privacy, ensuring that staff members have their own personal space.

With its emphasis on creativity, innovation, and connectivity, the Interweaving Workplace stands out as a unique and inspiring office design. It provides a refreshing alternative to the traditional corporate environment, creating a space that encourages productivity and collaboration.

The Interweaving Workplace was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes the outstanding and creatively ingenious design that authentically embodies experience and resourcefulness. It showcases the strong technical and creative skills of Nikki Ho Lk and contributes to improving the quality of life in the workplace.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Nikki, LK Ho
Image Credits: Gary Chung & Derek Chan
Project Team Members: Nikki Ho LK
Project Name: Interweaving Workplace
Project Client: Nikki, LK Ho

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Interweaving Workplace IMG #5

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