Immaculate Illumination: A Soothing and Elegant Living Environment

Maximizing Natural Light and Minimalism

The inspirations for this design project were the power of illumination, the simple attractiveness of minimalism, and the functional use of space. The designer experimented to see the effects of combining these various components and how they impact the living environment and perception of space and aesthetics. Careful choice of materials, furnishings, and accessories magnified the combined power of light and visual perception to enhance and expand the residential space.

This project, named Immaculate Illumination and designed by Cdb Interior Design Co., Ltd., uniquely takes advantage of the building's orientation and surroundings to maximize the natural light that shines in from every direction. Natural illumination combines with modern minimalism and a simple colorway to create a soothing, elegant living environment for its residents. The design team carefully considered the impact of light and space on the overall aesthetics and functionality of the residence.

One of the key features of Immaculate Illumination is the use of a white, black, and light shades of gray color palette. These colors serve as the main colorway for simple elegance throughout the residence. Large, light-colored stone tiles cover the floors, walls, and stairs, creating a sense of openness and expanding the visual perception of space. The choice of materials and colors enhances the natural light and creates a harmonious atmosphere.

The design team also focused on multi-functionality and adaptability in the use of space. For example, a giant wooden block on the second floor serves as a divider, a design centerpiece, and a display cabinet. The space beneath the stairway, which is often wasted, has been transformed into extra storage space. The top floor can be used as a laundry room or an additional rest area, providing flexibility and convenience for the residents.

One of the challenges faced by the design team was the configuration of the stairway. To maximize space efficiency, they created a guest bathroom underneath the first-floor stairs and designated the smallest space for storage. The layout of the second floor was adjusted to avoid direct, blinding sunlight. The areas for the bathrooms were made narrower to widen and enhance the overall space. Large, light gray stone tiles were chosen for the floors and walls to expand the visual perception of space, while fluted glass was used to allow light transmission without sacrificing privacy.

The Immaculate Illumination project was completed in November 2021 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The meticulous planning and attention to detail by the design team ensured that the final result exceeded all expectations. The project received the Iron A' Design Award in 2023, recognizing its well-designed, practical, and innovative qualities that meet professional and industrial requirements. The design is respected for integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, providing fulfillment and positive feelings to contribute to a better world.

Immaculate Illumination is a testament to the power of illumination, minimalism, and thoughtful design. It creates a serene and elegant living environment that maximizes natural light and enhances the overall well-being of its residents.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Howard Diao, Gary Wu, Mira Huang
Image Credits: Cdb Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Project Team Members: Howard Diao Gary Wu Mira Huang
Project Name: Immaculate Illumination
Project Client: Howard Diao, Gary Wu, Mira Huang

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Immaculate Illumination IMG #5

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