Magta: The All-Round Desktop Charging Product

A Revolutionary Approach to Charging

Magta is the first all-round desktop charging product in the world, designed by Li Chunbin, Zhao Hongwei, and Yang Hangfei. It redefines the conventional charging method by combining the functions of a charger and magnetic wireless charging. With its modular design, Magta offers a versatile solution to meet the charging needs of various devices in multiple scenarios.

Magta stands out from other charging products with its unique features and strengths. The main body of Magta is the Magta-83w charging device, equipped with multiple charging interfaces. It can power up to seven devices simultaneously, making it a convenient and efficient charging solution for households. Additionally, Magta offers various modules to cater to different charging requirements.

One of the modules is the Magta-Power Bank, which not only provides power supply to the power bank but also offers magnetic wireless charging for mobile phones. This dual functionality ensures that users can charge their devices on the go without compromising convenience.

The Magta-two-in-one stand serves as a mobile phone stand while charging, allowing users to watch TV shows or videos hands-free. This innovative design adds an extra level of convenience to everyday life.

For those who require simultaneous charging for mobile phones, watches, and earphones, the Magta-three-in-one stand is the perfect choice. It can fast charge all three devices at the same time, and the watch module is detachable, providing wireless charging for wearable products.

Magta also offers the Magta-Multi-ambient lamp, which not only provides lighting but also adds a touch of fun to the environment. Users can adjust the light modes by touching the top of the lamp, with eight different lighting modes to choose from. The light can even change color along with the rhythm of the music, creating a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere.

Magta utilizes GaN charging technology, ensuring safety and stability during the charging process. This advanced technology guarantees efficient and reliable charging for all compatible devices.

The compact size of Magta, measuring 110*110*140mm, makes it a space-saving solution for desktop charging. Its appearance design breaks away from the conventional shape of power banks, adopting a vertical form that combines square and circular elements. The surfaces are divided by the golden ratio, creating a harmonious and beautiful proportion. The minimalist yet elegant design conforms to the requirements of modern aesthetics.

The Magta project started in April 2021 and was completed in April 2022 in Shenzhen. The design team, consisting of Li Chunbin, Zhao Hongwei, Yang Hangfei, Ou Donghua, Ge Yang, and Wu Dalin, overcame various creative, technical, and research challenges to bring this innovative product to life.

Magta has been recognized for its excellence and creativity, receiving the Bronze A' Design Award in the Energy Products, Projects, and Devices Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges designs that demonstrate outstanding technical and creative skills while contributing to quality of life improvements.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Shenzhen Leaderment Technology Co., Ltd.
Image Credits: Shenzhen Leaderment Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Team Members: Li Chunbin, Zhao Hongwei, Yang Hangfei, Ou Donghua, Ge Yang, Wu Dalin
Project Name: Magta
Project Client: Shenzhen Leaderment Technology Co., Ltd.

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