The Winter Sun: A Calming and Inviting Dental Clinic Design

Creating a Warm and Welcoming Environment for Patients

With the design team's thorough evaluation and thoughtful planning, the patient experience at a dental clinic has become less intimidating and more relieving. The Winter Sun, designed by Henri Liu, presents a professional, clean, and trustable space that puts patients at ease.

Located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, The Winter Sun is a commercial space design and planning project that focuses on creating a calming and inviting atmosphere in a dental clinic. The designer, Henri Liu, has made great use of light-colored marble tiles and titanium elements to deliver an elegant and low-key luxury texture. Circular lines and soft colors are introduced into the space, creating a medical environment that is relaxing and enjoyable.

Upon entering The Winter Sun, patients are greeted by a cleverly displayed painting of a unicorn and the sun. This artwork serves as an item of comfort and warmth, immediately putting patients at ease. Indoors, the calm and restrained marble, warm wood, and light color imagery are resourcefully planned to bring a sense of stability and peace into the space.

The waiting area is adorned with furniture pieces that feature circular elements, such as gray velvet sofas, marble coffee tables, and lighting with circular lines. These arrangements are not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to relieve patients' anxiety and nerves. Decorative lamps with a yellow light temperature create a tender and heartwarming ambiance, transforming the supposed-to-be cold dental clinic into a comforting space.

The Winter Sun also prioritizes patient safety and privacy. A sizeable iridescent glass partition separates the common area from the clinic space, providing both beauty and a sense of spaciousness. The public clinic area is furnished with navy blue chairs, while the independent clinic area features red chairs, defining respective areas through the distinction in color tone.

The Winter Sun project spans approximately 198 square meters and was completed in June 2022. The design team faced challenges in arranging the layout and ensuring a smooth flow of movement. The use of iridescent glass as a partition allowed for a broadened visual space while maintaining security and privacy. Soft and light colors, along with curved elements, were incorporated to soften the space's vibe and help patients feel calm.

Henri Liu's design for The Winter Sun has successfully created a calming and inviting atmosphere in the dentist's office. The careful layout planning and smooth flow of movement contribute to patients feeling more at ease and reducing any anxiety about visiting the dentist. The warm and welcoming space helps patients feel more relaxed and calm during their dental appointments, addressing the common nervousness and anxiety associated with dental visits.

The Winter Sun has been recognized for its outstanding design and functionality, receiving the Iron A' Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is given to well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. The Winter Sun's integration of industry best practices and competent technical characteristics contributes to a better world by providing fulfillment and positive feelings to patients.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Henri Liu
Image Credits: Henri Liu
Project Team Members: Henri Liu
Project Name: The Winter Sun
Project Client: Henri Liu

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The Winter Sun IMG #5

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