City Villa: A Modern Oriental Masterpiece

Yutong Lin's Award-Winning Design Combines Local Inspiration with Italian Techniques

Yutong Lin's City Villa, a sales center in Suichang, is a unique blend of local inspiration and Italian design techniques. This design, rich in cultural heritage and natural landscape, has won the prestigious Silver A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

City Villa, a project by Yutong Lin, takes inspiration from Suichang's abundant local mineral resources. The floor of the marketing center reflects the local impression of "mountain and stone" using rock slabs with stable properties and strong texture, showcasing its rustic and natural temperament.

The design stands out for its excellent use of local factors in material selection and design element extraction. Dark and gray tones of stone, intersecting line forms, and metal with block shapes interplay to reflect a modern oriental spatial mood with values.

On the framework of modern oriental style, Yutong Lin also refers to traditional Italian design techniques. The design elements are deconstructed and reorganized to elaborate the space. The walls feature Chinese black marble with different surface treatments to highlight texture details. Wood veneer with certain saturation adjusts the temperature and atmosphere of the space, while handmade corrugated metal bar and translucent stone embellish the space.

The project, covering an area of 568 sqm, started in August 2021 in Lishui and finished in April 2022. The marketing center's small area posed a challenge in balancing space functionality and comfort. However, Yutong Lin successfully addressed this by focusing on the comfort of use and the focus of each floor in the compound.

The biggest challenge was the optimization of design materials and content changes during the epidemic period and the impact of the budget. Yutong Lin analyzed the design content, combined it with the space's characteristics to highlight the main design content, and found a balance between tension and relaxation.

In conclusion, Yutong Lin's City Villa is a testament to the designer's ability to blend local inspiration with traditional design techniques, resulting in a unique and award-winning design. The project showcases a remarkable level of excellence and introduces positive feelings, amazement, and wonder, earning it a well-deserved Silver A' Design Award.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Yutong Lin
Image Credits: Image #1: Photographer Sven, City Villa, 2022. Image #2: Photographer Sven, City Villa, 2022. Image #3: Photographer Sven, City Villa, 2022. Image #4: Photographer Sven, City Villa, 2022. Image #5: Photographer Sven, City Villa, 2022.
Project Team Members: Yutong Lin
Project Name: City Villa
Project Client: Yutong Lin

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