Flow: A Masterpiece of Artistic Installation and Design

Bo Zhou's Award-Winning Bar Design Marries Art and Architecture

Bo Zhou, a renowned designer, has created a unique commercial space, 'Flow,' that beautifully merges art and architecture. This bar design, located in Shengyang, China, is a testament to Zhou's innovative approach to design, and it has earned him the prestigious Golden A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

The inspiration for 'Flow' comes from the beauty of water droplets, which Zhou has transformed into a grand modern artwork on the ceiling. This artwork, in the shape of round water drops, is arranged in a vertical and horizontal order, creating a symbol of contemporary art. The movement of each drop allows visitors to perceive the rhythm of spatial flow in an unexpected way, providing a unique experience of art's pace.

What sets 'Flow' apart from other designs is its intentional separation of the interior from the exterior environment. The silent but deep industrial ink color extends to every part of the interior, giving a mysterious atmosphere and a sense of the unknown. The space, seemingly blocked from the outside, is reconnected by a line of narrow windows on the street wall, creating a new interactive relationship between the inside and outside worlds.

'Flow' is a blend of various materials such as cement, metal, glass, and wood, along with the artistic installation. The design's unique form is shaped by the combination of these materials and geometric images. The tables and chairs, along with water ripples on the floor, contrast with the artwork on the ceiling, balancing the harsh and soft elements in the space. This balance enables guests to interact and drink in a comfortable way, feeling the purity, calm, and happiness of the space.

The project, which spans an area of 180 square meters, was started in August 2021 and completed in January 2022. Zhou's design research focused on breaking the inherent impression and reshaping the scene interaction to achieve its commercial goal. 'Flow' Bar has linked the lively and individualistic inner city with the secluded and quiet outer city, demonstrating a successful return to the market trend.

One of the design challenges Zhou overcame was creating a subtle atmosphere by embedding hidden light sources in the ceiling and wall interfaces. The large diffuse reflections widen the field of interaction between people gazing outward or exploring inward. The hexagonal bar, given a diamond-like cut, becomes the second visual center of the whole scene with its unique material and shape, contrasting the open layout of the conventional bar counter.

In conclusion, 'Flow' is a masterpiece of artistic installation and design by Bo Zhou. It is a space filled with mystery and a futuristic vibe, where people can perceive the rhythm of the flow of space in an unexpected way. The design is a testament to Zhou's innovative approach and his ability to create a unique, engaging environment that marries art and architecture.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Bo Zhou
Image Credits: Photographer TOPIA
Project Team Members: Bo Zhou
Project Name: Flow
Project Client: Bo Zhou

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