Monica Pinto de Almeida's U Table Lamp: A Fusion of Art and Design

Winner of the Silver A' Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award in 2023

Monica Pinto de Almeida's U Table Lamp, a unique blend of art and design, is a testament to the power of color and light. Inspired by renowned artists and the emotional effects of ancient stained-glass windows, this innovative design has been recognized with a prestigious Silver A' Design Award.

Monica Pinto de Almeida's U Table Lamp is not just a lighting fixture; it is a piece of art that combines emotions with forms. The lamp, characterized by its simple rectangular lines in the shape of an inverse U, is made from frost colored acrylic for the larger body and opalescent acrylic for the smaller element. The light works inside with a chrome E27 socket lamp, creating graphic effects where translucent and diffusing light sets moods and adds depth to the visual environment.

The design process began with drawings, sketches, and watercolors to develop the concept. Monica then developed a model to understand the light's placement. A study of color along with the chosen material, acrylic, was conducted to perceive the effect of light through the different translucent acrylic sheets. Finally, 3D drawing programs were used to define the production scheme. The lamp is made of molded acrylic and laser engraving for the logo.

The U Table Lamp's clean aesthetic creates a unique atmosphere, changing perceptions of the environment due to the change of shades caused by its own light. The color and the originality of its shapes create relationships between the environment and human beings. The piece can be used in any interior space, giving character, bringing focus of color, and appeal to the interiors.

This design was conceived in 2019, developed with various observations of acrylics and different colors. Monica wanted to study the effect created by light and color until she achieved the balance and aesthetic she wanted for this piece. Since 2021, this lamp has been on display at Codigo design gallery, Porto, and has been exhibited several times at international and national fairs along with design associations.

Monica's challenge in this piece was to translate her inspiration into a reinterpretation of simple lines, to stay true to her inspiration and create a lighting piece that compels people to observe colors in different ways. This challenge obliged her to explore the ways in which colors can be used and can create different effects, moods, and relationships in spaces. Allied to this, she also wanted to keep a simple and original aesthetic achieving the balance of the rectangular shapes of this design.

The U Table Lamp blends art and design with its clean aesthetic in the shape of an inverse U made of frost and opalescent acrylic. It draws inspiration from the passions of the designer, her academic background, and from artists who mastered color and light. Emphasizing its expressive element, color, it compels people to see colors in new ways combining emotions with forms and blending art and design. The lamp works with an E27 chrome lamp socket covered by the opalescent acrylic that works as a diffuser and creates a graphic effect.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Mónica Pinto de Almeida
Image Credits: Image #1: Photographer Tiago Costa, 2021. Image #2: Photographer Tiago Costa, 2021. Image #3: Photographer Tiago Costa, 2021. Image #4: Photographer Tiago Costa, 2021. Image #5: Photographer Tiago Costa, 2021. Video credits: Art direction and Editing: Monica Pinto, 2023
Project Team Members: Mónica Pinto de Almeida
Project Name: U
Project Client: Mónica Pinto de Almeida

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