Mew Gic: A New Era of Pet Furniture

Yu Ren's Award-Winning Design Merges DIY, Sustainability, and Pet Care

In a world where pet care and sustainability are increasingly important, designer Yu Ren introduces Mew Gic, a unique, DIY, environmentally friendly cat furniture. This innovative design, which won the Silver A' Pet Care, Toys, Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award in 2023, aims to revolutionize the pet furniture market.

Yu Ren's inspiration for Mew Gic came from building blocks. The designer's vision was to create a single component that could be used to construct an infinite variety of furniture pieces, allowing users to experience the joy of DIY while creating a paradise for their cats. The design adheres to the brand concept of "Because care, we share," promoting a new approach to pet home furnishing.

Mew Gic stands out for its unique properties. The design starts with a square board and a sisal column, which can be connected using a mortise and tenon joint for quick assembly. Every board is identical, enabling customers to experience the process of creation from a single piece to an infinite array of possibilities.

The design is realized using natural, environmentally friendly bamboo lamella. The panels are processed by CNC and use a rotating buckle principle to create three different shapes for the middle circular plate: a cat channel, a cat jumping platform, and a sealing plate. The connection between the plates is made using matching plastic tenon and tenon joints. If a part is damaged, users can send it to the mall for replacement, promoting sustainable product design and reducing waste and environmental pollution.

With a size of 400mm x 400mm x 400mm, Mew Gic is a versatile piece of furniture that can be installed on the wall or assembled into any shape of cat house. The design encourages human-pet harmony, DIY, and environmental protection, and can be used to create a playground for cats on the wall.

The Mew Gic project began in Shenzhen in January 2021 and was completed in August 2021. The design team, which included Peter Yu Ren Fangqi Luo Jiansen NIU Liangju Lin Yuan Liang Huaifei Ren, faced challenges in realizing the structure and the arbitrary combination of a single plate. They spent significant time calculating the rotating structure of the circular plate and testing the mortise and tenon joints to ensure the product's load-bearing capacity.

In conclusion, Mew Gic represents a significant step forward in the pet furniture market, offering a unique, sustainable, and fun solution for pet owners. Its award-winning design is a testament to its innovation and the potential it holds for the future of pet care.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Ziel Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd
Image Credits: Ziel Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd
Project Team Members: Peter Yu Ren Fangqi Luo Jiansen NIU Liangju Lin Yuan Liang Huaifei Ren
Project Name: Mew Gic
Project Client: Ziel Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd

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Mew Gic IMG #5

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