The Heart of Elegance

Residential House Designed by Chiu En Yen

The interior space is exquisitely laid out with a stylish, bright, and heartwarming feel.

The Heart of Elegance, designed by Chiu En Yen, is a residential house that showcases a perfect blend of style, luxury, and warmth. Located adjacent to the cultural and art district, this 92 square meter high-rise residence offers a unique living experience.

The living and dining room, positioned near the entrance, sets the tone for the entire space. It welcomes guests with its light, affordable luxury, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The layout, consisting of three bedrooms, allows for flexible use of space while maximizing storage functionality. The careful planning of movement lines and partitions achieves a precise balance of visual aesthetics and practicality.

What sets The Heart of Elegance apart is its emphasis on light natural color tones and delicate textures. The foyer, adorned with iron-gray hexagonal tiles and a full-length mirror, creates a distinct entrance. Throughout the open living and dining area, natural texture elements such as marble dining tables, wooden cabinets, and furniture, harmonize with metal trim and decorative strips, resulting in a naturally elegant atmosphere.

The design realization technology employed in this project is remarkable. Neatly arranged ceilings and cabinets bring a sense of stability and order to the space. Embedded metal lines in wall partitions and cabinet borders, guided by LED strips, extend the perception of space vertically and horizontally, creating an illusion of expansiveness.

Visually, The Heart of Elegance intertwines spatial layers with a sense of technology, elegance, and modernity. The herringbone pattern flooring adds depth and richness to the space, while glass elements, light-colored leather sofas, and dining chairs enhance the visual highlights. The flexibility of space is also taken into consideration, with one of the bedrooms adapted to serve as a versatile children's room, accommodating changes with the growth of the family.

The project, which began in April 2022 and concluded in July 2022, was executed in Taoyuan City, Taipei. Extensive research underpinned the design, with a focus on smooth lines, warm colors, and precise lighting plans to enhance the sense of space and lighting. The result is a space that not only fulfills functional needs but also provides a refined and timeless environment, fostering a deeper sense of happiness for the family.

One of the notable challenges in this design was the utilization of circular elements in the architectural plan. By incorporating curved boundaries in the interior, the traditional horizontal, vertical, and rectangular configurations were broken, adding a sense of flexibility and leisure to the space. This creative dimension was extended to the beam structure and furnishings, further enhancing the overall design concept.

The Heart of Elegance has been recognized for its excellence and innovation. It was awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements. The design is respected for integrating industry best practices and competent technical characteristics, providing fulfillment and positive feelings, contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: CHIU-EN YEN
Image Credits: CHIU-EN YEN
Project Team Members: CHIU-EN YEN
Project Name: The Heart of Elegance
Project Client: CHIU-EN YEN

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The Heart of Elegance IMG #5

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