Seesaw: Innovative Earphones Inspired by Childhood Joy

Revolutionizing the Way We Store and Use Earphones

Seesaw Earphones, designed by Yuhang Chen, take inspiration from the beloved childhood seesaw, creating a unique and interactive way to store and use earphones. This innovative design combines nostalgia with practicality, offering users a delightful experience.

The idea for Seesaw Earphones came to Yuhang Chen when observing children playing on a seesaw in the park. The designer wondered if this enjoyable interaction could be translated into a product. The result is a semicircular body that houses the left and right earphones in a charging compartment. By rotating the charging compartment around a central axis, the form of picking up and storing the earphones is transformed.

What sets Seesaw Earphones apart is its ability to evoke childhood memories while providing a functional and convenient solution for earphone storage. The design references the structure of a seesaw, utilizing the interactive behavior of pressing and rotating to create an intuitive and enjoyable user experience.

Seesaw Earphones are made using eco-friendly cathodic electrophoresis as the base layer, ensuring the product's metallic base color remains intact. A layer of PU lacquer is then applied to the surface, providing a durable and visually appealing finish. This combination of materials and techniques results in a high-quality product with a reduced scrap rate.

With dimensions of 70mm in length, 28mm in width, and 44mm in height, Seesaw Earphones offer a compact and portable solution for on-the-go music lovers.

The interaction with Seesaw Earphones is both intuitive and engaging. By pressing and rotating the charging compartment, users can switch between different functional states. When closed, the product remains at 0 degrees. A 60-degree rotation to the left or right opens the charging compartment, allowing for easy removal of the earphones. A further 120-degree rotation to the left reveals the charging port. The earphones themselves feature braille as a non-slip texture, ensuring a secure fit.

The Seesaw Earphones project began in Shenzhen in March 2022 and was completed in October 2022. It was showcased at the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Exhibition in Hong Kong in the same year, garnering attention and praise for its innovative design.

Yuhang Chen, along with Shuai Gong and Hongchao Zhou, formed the design team behind Seesaw Earphones. Their research involved collecting ear and finger dynamic data from over 500 users aged 18 to 35. By analyzing this data, they were able to determine the most suitable top curve for the charging case and the size of the headset's fulcrum, ensuring optimal comfort and usability.

Overcoming the challenge of maintaining a compact appearance for the charging compartment was crucial. Through material tests and prototyping, the team settled on a partially thickened zinc alloy shell, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Seesaw Earphones have received recognition for their outstanding design. They were awarded the Iron A' Design Award in the Audio and Sound Equipment Design category in 2023. This prestigious accolade is given to creations that demonstrate excellence in design, practicality, and innovation, meeting professional and industrial requirements.

Seesaw Earphones bring a touch of joy and nostalgia to the world of earphone design. With their unique and interactive storage mechanism, they offer users a delightful experience while delivering high-quality sound. Embracing the spirit of childhood play, Seesaw Earphones redefine the way we store and use our earphones.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Yuhang Chen
Image Credits: Yuhang Chen
Project Team Members: Yuhang Chen Shuai Gong Hongchao Zhou
Project Name: Seesaw
Project Client: Yuhang Chen

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Seesaw IMG #5

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