Low Key Luxury

A Unique Blend of Modern and Classical Styles

The male homeowner likes modern design. On the other hand, the female homeowner is fond of classical style. To make their dream home a reality, the sleekness of modern style is combined with the softness of classical style. The earthy colors mix styles effortlessly and create a space that appears cohesive and unified. Just like a high-quality custom-made artwork, the residence gives off a unique charm through the overlapping materials, gradient color palettes, and mix-and-match furniture pieces.

The elegant beige marble TV wall establishes the main scene in the space. The use of the dividing technique creates three-dimensional layers. The neat lines and irregular stone patterns add tension and contrast to highlight contemporary aesthetics with luxury vibes. On the outside of the main wall, the enframed scenery technique connects the independent display cabinets, offering the seemingly separate cabinets a connection with each other as well as revealing a simple visual image.

In the space of 205 square meters, there are an entrance, one living room, one dining room, one kitchen, three bedrooms, one study room, and two bathrooms. The design team, led by Sammi Hsu, utilized stone, titanium-plated iron, leather, wall covering, special paint, tea glass, imported hardware, and customized lamps to bring this design to life.

Upon entering the room, a suspended showcase with a mirror as the backdrop serves as the foyer vista view. The mirror's reflective surface adds more depth to the space and offers the dining room a greater level of privacy. In the square layout, the space has stunning windows on three sides to allow light to flow into the living room and bedroom. As the center point, the dining room not only promotes bonds with family members but also creates a smooth traffic flow.

The project was completed in July 2022 in Taipei City, Taiwan. Extensive research was conducted to create the perfect ambiance for each area of the residence. The modern low-key luxurious texture flows into the dining space, while the grayish-white stone pattern and milk tea color build up a stable dining atmosphere. The pendant chandelier emits sparkling light, adding a touch of luxury. In the sleeping area, the low chroma colors dilute the intensity lightly, creating a serene feeling in the bedroom.

The design team faced challenges in the straight and linear space. To overcome the stiffness, they used smooth curved shapes in the living room canopy and the dining room chandelier. A structural beam spans over the bedside wall in the second bedroom, and curves were incorporated to lighten the oppressive feeling of volumes.

The Low Key Luxury design is a testament to the harmonious blend of modern and classical styles. The earthy colors, elegant marble features, and unique use of materials create a space that is both sophisticated and inviting. This design has been recognized for its excellence and creativity, winning the Bronze A' Design Award in 2023 for Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Sammi Hsu
Image Credits: Jian Xin Interior Design
Project Team Members: Sammi Hsu
Project Name: Low Key Luxury
Project Client: Sammi Hsu

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Low Key Luxury IMG #5

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