Phinix: Revolutionizing Fire Testing Equipment

Youking Design's Innovative Approach to Safety and Efficiency

Introducing Phinix, a groundbreaking fire testing equipment series by Youking Design, designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and data accuracy in various industries. This innovative design has been recognized with the prestigious Silver A' Industrial Equipment, Commercial and Heavy-duty Appliances Design Award in 2023.

Youking Design, a team of talented designers and engineers, has reimagined fire testing equipment with Phinix. Inspired by the need for more reliable experimental data and safer lab environments, the team has created a series of equipment that not only tests the combustion characteristics of materials but also takes into account the purification and emission of toxic and harmful gases.

The unique properties of Phinix lie in its ability to conduct combustion experimental testing on a wide range of materials, from construction materials to lithium batteries and high-speed trains. The data gathered from these tests provide invaluable support for new material development, standardize production activities, and ultimately help reduce the occurrence of fire accidents worldwide.

Phinix is realized through the use of stainless steel, aluminum profile, and copper pipe. Its modular design allows for the replacement of the operation panel, ensuring that the layout of the function buttons and observation function keys align with ergonomics and experimental operation habits. The design also includes an optimized visible window opening method for the fume hood, reducing space usage and providing convenience for experimental operations.

Designed in Shenzhen and produced in Suzhou, the Phinix project spanned from September 2020 to September 2022. The design team faced the challenge of integrating the lab environment and equipment functions to ensure lab safety and data accuracy. However, their innovative approach has led to a product that not only meets these challenges but also lays a solid foundation for future cloud control and experimentation.

Phinix is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a testament to Youking Design's commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation. As the team continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in fire testing equipment, the world can expect to see more groundbreaking designs that transform industries and improve lives.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Be Genius Design
Image Credits: Photo # 1: Photographer Lang Shangfei,Feng kexin,2022. Photo # 2: Photographer Lang Shangfei,Feng kexin,2022. Photo # 3: Photographer Lang Shangfei,Feng kexin,2022. Photo # 4: Photographer Lang Shangfei,Feng kexin,2022. Photo # 5: Photographer Lang Shangfei,Feng kexin,2022. Video Credits: Zhong cheng,2022
Project Team Members: Designer: Zhong Cheng Designer: Lang Shangfei Designer: Feng Kexin Designer: Zhang Jin Engineer: He Minghuan Engineer: Li Tian Engineer: Ning Deyuan
Project Name: Phinix
Project Client: Be Genius Design

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