The R Series: A Revolution in Rack System Design

Christian Geistberger's Award-Winning Design Combines Functionality and Aesthetics

Christian Geistberger's R Series, a unique rack system design, is a testament to the harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. This innovative design, which won the Silver A' Industrial Equipment, Commercial and Heavy-duty Appliances Design Award in 2023, is a game-changer in automated measurement technology.

Geistberger's inspiration for the R Series stemmed from the growing demand for automated measurement technology in various sectors, including product development, manufacturing, and environmental technology. The R Series is designed to house the instruments of an automated system in a sustainable, design-focused manner. The design is a product of PROFECTRONICS, a company specializing in measurement automation since 2016.

What sets the R Series apart from other rack system designs is its upward and downward compatibility within the product family. The Rack R90 and Rack R180, in addition to the centered 19-inch rack system, feature easily accessible installation spaces on each side. These spaces can accommodate electrical switchgear assemblies, IT systems, and similar equipment. The design separation of the 19-inch core and the installation spaces allows for the combination of highly sensitive measuring devices with conventional electrical devices in a single mobile system.

The R Series is a product of thoughtful material selection and manufacturing processes that align with PROFECTRONICS' corporate philosophy. The entire rack system is made from lightweight aluminum, which reduces transport costs and CO2 emissions. The corners and surfaces are made from recycled PET-HD materials, giving the rack family a "heavy-duty" look that reveals a finely engineered and well-thought-out construction element upon closer inspection.

The R Series is designed for use in laboratories, development departments, and production lines. Its design focuses on functionality and simple operation and is conceived as a modular construction kit. The design criteria, based on "form follows emotional function," ensure clear, compact design and durability. The modules can be easily placed or exchanged in the frame construction, and the cladding parts can be assembled and disassembled with a few simple steps, facilitating service and maintenance work.

The R Series project was launched in March 2021 in Linz, Austria. The design process involved sketching the first prototypes on paper, manufacturing them in foam, and then using Solidworks as the CAD program. The research was quite emotional, especially in the research-intensive medical sector where design is quite popular. In the conventional production sector, design is often regarded as secondary, making the R Series a benchmark for future products.

The R Series is a testament to Geistberger's ability to overcome creative, technical, and research challenges. Ensuring functionality was a significant challenge, as different areas in the rack had to be hermetically sealed, shield electromagnetic radiation, be waterproof, lightweight, and ergonomic for all-day use. The use of special or composite materials at the expense of recyclability was out of the question. This design's success in meeting these challenges earned it the prestigious Silver A' Design Award, a testament to its outstanding expertise and innovation.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Christian Geistberger
Image Credits: Christian Geistberger
Project Team Members: Christian Geistberger, Profectronics GmBH Rainer Atzlinger, RDD Design
Project Name: The R Series
Project Client: Christian Geistberger

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The R Series IMG #5

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