Regala Skycity: A Crystal Prism in the Sky

Paliburg Development Consultants Limited's Innovative Architecture Wins Silver A' Design Award

Regala Skycity Hotel, a unique architectural marvel inspired by a crystal prism, has been recognized with a Silver A' Design Award. The hotel, designed by Paliburg Development Consultants Limited, is a testament to innovative design and sustainable construction.

The Regala Skycity Hotel, located in the bustling Skycity of Hong Kong International Airport, is a standout example of modern architecture. The building's design, inspired by an optical crystal prism, maximizes land usage while creating a visually striking structure. The use of reflective glass on the curtain wall allows the building to blend into its environment, refracting light in intriguing ways.

One of the largest hotels in Hong Kong, the Regala Skycity Hotel boasts 1,208 guest rooms. The triangular site's potential is fully utilized through a tripartite division design. The external facade, completed with a unitized curtain wall system, minimizes on-site construction work and time, reflecting Paliburg Development Consultants Limited's commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

The building's design incorporates a dynamic base that reflects the energy of flight paths from Hong Kong to the rest of the world. The shaft of the building, made with a unitized curtain wall system, offers a sleek and modern appearance. The crown of the building creates a sense of continuity between the building and the sky, featuring a minimalist design and facilities such as a rooftop bar, jogging path, and outdoor gym.

The interior design of the hotel focuses on creating a seamless connection between the interior and exterior of the building. The guest rooms offer expansive views of the new airport runway, and the hotel houses three unique restaurants, each with its distinctive interior design and culinary experience. The design concept for the hotel's interior and exterior is focused on creating a seamless integration with the surrounding environment, while also providing guests with a luxurious and comfortable experience.

The Regala Skycity Hotel's design challenge was to create an innovative yet visually stunning building that maximizes the triangular site's potential. The design incorporates natural light, green spaces, and stunning views of the new Hong Kong Airport Runway. The result is a unique design that refracts lights mimicking the fluidity of flight paths from the busy Hong Kong International Airport. It features a vertical tripartite division and is completed with a curtain wall that gives the building a sleek and modern look.

The hotel's design and construction began in 2017 and was completed in 2021. The project required careful consideration of room layouts, accessibility, sustainability, building codes, brand identity, and technology integration. The result is a building that is not only visually stunning but also functional and sustainable. The Regala Skycity Hotel is an example of modern architecture that is sure to impress design enthusiasts and experts alike.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Paliburg Holdings Limited
Image Credits: Paliburg Development Consultants Limited
Project Team Members: Paliburg Holdings Limited
Project Name: Regala Skycity
Project Client: Paliburg Holdings Limited

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