Bay Mega Mansion: A Concerto of Sea and Wave

Tengyuan Design's Award-Winning Exhibition Center Echoes the Rhythm of the Ocean

Located on the shores of Jiaozhou Bay, the Bay Mega Mansion by Tengyuan Design is an architectural marvel that harmoniously blends with its surrounding seascape. This Golden A' Design Award-winning structure is a testament to innovative design and architectural prowess.

The Bay Mega Mansion draws its inspiration from the calm and turbulent aspects of the sea. The design team at Tengyuan Design, led by Wenjie Liang, Jinbo Tang, and Wenlue Wang, among others, have meticulously crafted this structure to echo the tranquility of the sea through horizontal lines and the power of the waves through dynamic curves.

Strategically located at the intersection of Changjia Road and Ruihai Road in the North District of Qingdao, the exhibition center boasts unique sea view resources. The building's facade, made of aluminum panels and glass, creates a striking contrast that highlights the horizontal lines extending towards the sky and the relaxed curves, reflecting the sea's dual nature.

The first floor of the building features a transparent all-glass curtain wall, creating an illusion of a water curtain reflecting the sky and clouds. Combined with the circular waterscape at the base, the building appears to float on water, further enhancing its connection with the sea.

The Bay Mega Mansion is not just an architectural masterpiece but also a symbol of efficient resource utilization. The design team considered the future use of the building during the design phase, ensuring that it could be transformed into a sports center with minimal cost after its initial use as an exhibition center. The high ceilings and spacious interiors meet the requirements of a sports center, demonstrating the team's foresight and innovative approach.

The Bay Mega Mansion is more than just a building; it's a new memory of the city and a popular spot for visitors. Its design, inspired by the sea, beautifully expresses the city's vibrant spirit. The building stands gracefully by the sea, its facade a landscape in itself, welcoming visitors with an open attitude.

In conclusion, the Bay Mega Mansion is a testament to Tengyuan Design's innovative approach and architectural prowess. It's a structure that not only stands out for its unique design but also for its efficient use of resources and harmonious integration with its surroundings. This award-winning design is indeed a concerto of sea and wave, a melody that resonates with the rhythm of the ocean.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Tengyuan Design
Image Credits: Image #1:photography:Tri-Images Image #2:photography:Tri-Images Image #3:photography:Tri-Images Image #4:photography:Tri-Images Image #5:photography:Tri-Images
Project Team Members: Wenjie Liang,Jinbo Tang,Wenlue Wang,Zhongtian Qi,Yan Fu,Lu Jin,Xue Sun,Chao Xu,Jingqiang Zhou,Cong Li,Jiaqi Chen,Shengjie Jiang,Zhiyuan Zhang
Project Name: Bay Mega Mansion
Project Client: Tengyuan Design

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Bay Mega Mansion IMG #5

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