2D Lantern: A New Dimension in Urban Lighting

Designer Bianca Tresoldi's Innovative Approach to Urban Fixtures

Introducing the 2D Lantern, an award-winning urban fixture designed by Bianca Tresoldi. This innovative design, inspired by the essentiality of form and function, brings a new perspective to urban lighting. The lantern's unique properties and technical realization make it a standout in the realm of outdoor fixtures.

The 2D Lantern, as the name suggests, is a two-dimensional design that develops on a flat surface, creating a silhouette that is both visible and invisible, depending on its placement. This design feature allows the lantern to integrate seamlessly into urban spaces, manifesting its presence only when illuminated. The lantern's slender and elongated shape fits into the context of historic cities without overwhelming their character.

The design process for the 2D Lantern was rooted in a desire for simplicity and essentiality. Tresoldi's inspiration came from the idea of subtracting vision to render something visible in a world full of objects. This led to the creation of a thin, lightweight form that expresses extraordinary lightness. The 2D Lantern is a testament to the concept of renewal, combining existing elements into new forms to create something that was not there before.

The 2D Lantern is made from cold galvanized steel, with an optical part in aluminum to ensure correct heat dissipation to the LED cobs. A silicone lens allows the lantern to be equipped with different optics, while a final prismatic glass enhances visual comfort by reducing glare. Despite its small size, the high-tech optical unit is capable of illuminating large areas over heights of up to 8m.

The 2D Lantern project started in 2013 and was completed in May 2020. It was included in the lighting project for the small town of Gozzano, Italy, in 2018, and was patented in April 2020. The design was approved by the government department of historic buildings, which declared that the 2D Lantern has given identity to Gozzano.

The 2D Lantern was awarded Silver in the A' Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award is given to designs that demonstrate outstanding expertise and innovation, and introduce positive feelings, amazement, and wonder. With its unique design and technical realization, the 2D Lantern certainly fits this description.

In conclusion, the 2D Lantern is a testament to Bianca Tresoldi's innovative approach to design. By combining form and function in a unique way, she has created an urban fixture that is both visually striking and technically advanced. The 2D Lantern is not just a lighting fixture, but a piece of urban art that contributes to the identity of the cities it illuminates.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Bianca Tresoldi
Image Credits: image #1 Photographer and illustrator Lorenzo Piovella image #2 Photographer and illustrator Lorenzo Piovella image #3 Photographer and illustrator Lorenzo Piovella image #4 Photographer and illustrator Lorenzo Piovella imege #5 Photographer and illustrator Lorenzo Piovella
Project Team Members: Bianca Tresoldi
Project Name: 2D Lantern
Project Client: Bianca Tresoldi

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2D Lantern IMG #3
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2D Lantern IMG #5
2D Lantern IMG #5

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