Ching Hu's Silver Lining: A Night Through the Valley

Exotic Fusion Bar Design Wins Prestigious A' Design Award

Ching Hu's Silver Lining, a fusion bar located in Taipei, Taiwan, combines the owner's preference for arches and exotic touches to create a unique dining experience. This design has recently been awarded the Silver A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023.

The design concept, "A Night through the Valley," is brought to life with dark green tones filling the space, while the central columns divide the room into kitchen and seating sections. Despite the somewhat limited space, two inverted L-shaped areas allow for smooth interior traffic and a cozy dining experience. The green walls and doors, with folding windows that open horizontally, not only fulfill the fundamental needs for a bar but also provide customers with better care and protection, especially during the pandemic.

Frosted glass is used for the windows to create an image of swaying moonlight passing through the shadows of woods that cover the entire valley, luring passing travelers in. Along with the green and gray, accessories and construction methods that imitate nature also enhance the tranquil experience, creating a moment of peace among the mountains.

The rugged, unsaturated touch on the dark green walls simulates the misty views in a forest. The texture on the floor is created with a customized organic paint to visualize a stream that flows through the valley. A straight bar extends all the way into the room. Behind the bar and the double tables, gypsum is used to form a rough surface on the walls. With belt lights hovering over, the texture creates a unique sense of wilderness, mimicking weathered mountain walls.

Delicate use of reflections, just like moonlight shining down through the leaves, can be found in both the acrylic mirrors that hang from the ceiling and hand-made lamps on the bar. From simple but precise design, along with creative use of complex materials, a magical space comes into existence at a seemingly mundane street corner.

This Design was awarded Silver in A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award in 2023. The Silver A' Design Award is rewarded to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that illustrate outstanding expertise and innovation. These designs, admired for their strong technical characteristics and splendid artistic skill, showcase a remarkable level of excellence and introduce positive feelings, amazement, and wonder.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Hsiao-ching Hu
Image Credits: Hsiao-ching Hu
Project Team Members: Hsiao-ching Hu
Project Name: Silver Lining
Project Client: Hsiao-ching Hu

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Silver Lining IMG #5

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