Swan: A Stylish Concept Faucet with Natural Materials

Combining Simplicity, Functionality, and Natural Beauty

The Swan faucet, designed by Andrei Korsun, is a unique and innovative concept that brings together the elegance of nature and the functionality of modern design. Inspired by the grace and power of the magnificent bird, this kitchen faucet combines two different materials to create a clean and stylish product.

This concept of a kitchen faucet represents the simplicity of forms and the importance of tandem materials. The mirror-polished steel perfectly matches the rich texture of natural stone, such as marble. One of the standout features of Swan is the separate knobs for adjusting hot and cold water, unlike many products on the market that feature a common rotary knob. This separate regulation allows for more precise temperature control and promotes water conservation, in line with a sustainable approach.

When designing Swan, Korsun focused on the principle of "less is more." The faucet features a classic double knob design, with the knobs positioned one above the other for easy operation with a simple one-finger movement. Additionally, Swan can rotate right or left, providing more space when needed while maintaining its stylish appearance.

The use of Swan is intuitive and convenient. The separate labels for hot and cold water (red and blue, respectively) make it easy to identify and adjust the desired temperature. The angle of rotation determines the water flow, allowing for a stronger or gentler stream. Another hidden feature of Swan is the ability to rotate the top, providing users with more flexibility in utilizing the entire sink space.

The Swan faucet measures 66mm in width, 206mm in depth, and 310mm in height. It is crafted using statuario venato marble and mirror-polished stainless steel, creating a striking combination of natural and modern materials.

The development of Swan began in November 2020, with numerous iterations in 3D design before the concept was finalized in March 2021. The design process involved extensive research into the functionality and aesthetics of faucets, aiming to address common issues such as water pressure and temperature regulation.

One of the main challenges faced by Korsun was to create a faucet that stood out from the thousands of variations available on the market. By incorporating natural materials, such as marble, Swan offers a unique and unorthodox option for customers seeking a blend of high-tech production and natural aesthetics. The combination of polished metal and natural carrara marble adds an intriguing element to the overall design.

The Swan faucet has been recognized for its exceptional design and functionality, receiving the Iron A' Design Award in the Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design category in 2023. This prestigious award acknowledges the well-designed, practical, and innovative nature of Swan, which meets professional and industrial requirements while providing a fulfilling and positive user experience.

With its blend of pure design, functionality, and non-traditional material combination, the Swan faucet offers a new experience of a high-tech product that brings the beauty of nature into every touch. Its graceful form and attention to detail make it a standout addition to any kitchen or bathroom.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Andrei Korsun
Image Credits: Andrei Korsun
Project Team Members: Andrei Korsun
Project Name: Swan
Project Client: Andrei Korsun

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