Reflex: A Harmonious Blend of Light and Psychology

Alexey Danilin's Award-Winning Pendant Lamp Inspired by Introspective Psychology

Reflex, a pendant lamp designed by Alexey Danilin, is a unique blend of introspective psychology and innovative design. The lamp, which won the Silver A' Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award in 2023, is a testament to the power of design to reflect and enhance human psychology.

The inspiration behind Reflex is rooted in introspective psychology. Danilin and his team sought to understand how individuals perceive different shapes and properties of light objects. This research led to the creation of a lamp that is as close as possible to a person's preferences, thereby fostering a sense of harmony and consciousness. The lamp's name, Reflex, is a nod to the concept of reflection, a key aspect of introspective psychology that involves understanding and analyzing one's inner world.

What sets Reflex apart from other designs is its unique properties, all of which are the result of extensive research. The lamp's circular shape, chosen for its universal appeal as a symbol of the sun, is dissected in the middle and made of a natural, translucent fabric that creates soft, diffused lighting. Inside the lamp is a metal ball with two LED light sources covered with glass diffusers. This asymmetric construction mimics the effect of light being refracted in a forest, a type of lighting that the focus group found appealing.

The lamp's realization technology is equally impressive. The main structure is made of a natural fabric that is both translucent and reflective, creating a soft yet reprinted lighting effect. The lamp also features a metal pipe that combines smoothly with the round structures of the lamp. The ceiling bowl, devoid of visual noise such as fasteners and bolts, houses a driver and is attached magnetically.

Reflex is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. It can be used for main and point lighting in various spaces, from desks to beds, and its height is adjustable. The lamp is easy to use and maintain, with a removable lampshade for cleaning. Its vertical shape also prevents dust accumulation.

The project, which began in April 2022 and concluded in August 2022 in Moscow, was exhibited at Interlight Russia 2022 in September 2022. The design team, led by Danilin, included engineer Nikita Morozov, product managers Natalia Danilova and Elena Slivka, and assistant product manager Anastasia Orlova. The Reflex collection is a testament to the team's belief in the power of perception to reveal new interpretations of natural phenomena and objects.

Reflex's Silver A' Design Award is a testament to its innovative design and the team's remarkable expertise. The award is given to top-of-the-line, creative, and professionally remarkable designs that demonstrate outstanding technical characteristics and artistic skill. Reflex, with its blend of introspective psychology and innovative design, certainly fits the bill.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Alexey Danilin
Image Credits: Image #1: Maytoni brand visualizer Dmitry Cherednikov, 2022, Image #2: Maytoni brand visualizer Dmitry Cherednikov, 2022, Image #3: Maytoni brand visualizer Dmitry Cherednikov, 2022, Image #4: Maytoni brand visualizer Dmitry Cherednikov, 2022, Image #5: Maytoni brand visualizer Dmitry Cherednikov, 2022, Video: Maytoni brand videographer Agata Kujel 2022.
Project Team Members: Lead designer: Alexey Danilin Engineer: Nikita Morozov Product manager: Natalia Danilova Product manager: Elena Slivka Assistant product manager: Anastasia Orlova.
Project Name: Reflex
Project Client: Alexey Danilin

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