Digital Human: Revolutionizing Live Broadcasting with AI

Baidu Online Network Technology Beijing's Innovative Approach to Live Streaming

With the rise of digital content and the evolution of technology, Baidu Online Network Technology Beijing has developed a unique live broadcasting platform, Digital Human. This innovative design, awarded Silver in A' Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award in 2023, leverages AI technology to revolutionize the live streaming industry.

The inspiration behind Digital Human stems from the rapid growth of the online digital content industry, propelled by technological advancements and global economic trends. The platform aims to address the challenges of traditional live broadcasting, such as inconsistent anchor quality, extended broadcasting gaps, and the costs associated with venues and operating personnel.

What sets Digital Human apart from other live broadcasting platforms is its reliance on AI technology. The platform enables the production of digital humans, construction of live rooms, and human-computer interaction. With AI anchors broadcasting 24/7, the platform aims to reduce the operational costs and complexity of live broadcasting, eliminating manpower and location restrictions. This unique feature not only increases GMV but also enhances fan engagement.

The realization of Digital Human is made possible through AI cloud rendering, computing power, and digital vision technology. By creating AI anchors with authentic emotions and customizing unique brand IPs with expressive features, the platform achieves multimodal intelligent interaction. The diversity of live scenarios reduces construction costs and creates a variety of content forms, improving transmission efficiency.

Users can customize the AI anchor image according to aesthetic preferences and brand images, creating a unique brand IP. The platform offers a realistic view through an engaging, emotional, and intelligent interaction mode. The diversified live scenes enable the intelligent output of scene language, product sales, marketing activities, and more, enhancing the audience's engagement and attraction.

Launched on the Baidu App in December 2022, Digital Human represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the live streaming industry. The platform not only facilitates the digital transformation of the industry but also accelerates its commercial realization. As a permanent digital asset of an enterprise, Digital Human connects brands with consumers, providing new growth opportunities for brand efficiency and making live marketing sustainable and durable.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Image Credits: Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Project Team Members: Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing
Project Name: Digital Human
Project Client: Baidu Online Network Technology. Beijing

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Digital Human IMG #5

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