Fushan Ecological: A Pinecone-Inspired Greenway Design

Tengyuan Design's Award-Winning Blend of Architecture and Nature

Discover the Fushan Ecological, a unique greenway design by Tengyuan Design that seamlessly blends architecture and nature. Inspired by pinecones, this structure serves as a landmark location, connecting footpaths and providing a space for visitors to rest and enjoy the natural beauty of Fushan Mountain.

Tengyuan Design found inspiration for the Fushan Ecological in the pinecones scattered across Fushan Mountain. The design team aimed to create a structure that could blend into nature, symbolizing rebirth and hope. The structure's form is a twisted hexagon, with each floor gradually decreasing upward, creating a vivid and rational image.

The Fushan Ecological is situated in the south of Fushan Mountain, with an altitude difference of 21 meters. It serves as a landmark location for the entire footpath, providing a space for visitors to rest, pass, and enjoy the scenic beauty. The structure is designed to cater to different visitors, with the inner ring steps suitable for fast pass and the outer ring ramps ideal for leisurely strolls and sightseeing. Both paths converge at the top viewing platform, offering a stunning 360-degree visual experience.

Constructed with a concrete foundation and a steel grid structure, the Fushan Ecological is a testament to innovative design and engineering. The footpath, cantilevered from the outer steel grid, is suspended from the inner cylinder node of the steel grid with cables. The surface layer is made of anti-corrosion wood or environment-friendly imitation wood, forming the main form of the footpath.

The design project, completed in July 2022, faced the challenge of being located in the city center's only remaining ecological green space. The Tengyuan Design team aimed to create a structure that would not only upgrade the image and facilities but also establish an interaction between people, nature, and the city. The design is intended to influence and change the public's understanding of nature and life.

The Fushan Ecological has been recognized for its innovative design and contribution to societal wellbeing, winning the Platinum A' Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes world-class, exceptional, and highly innovative designs that showcase unmatched professionalism, genius, and contribute to societal wellbeing.

With its unique pinecone-inspired design, the Fushan Ecological by Tengyuan Design is a remarkable blend of architecture and nature. It serves as a testament to the potential of design to create spaces that respect and enhance their natural surroundings, offering a unique experience for visitors and contributing to the ecological preservation of the city.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Tengyuan Design
Image Credits: Image #1:Qingdao Tengyuan Design Institute Co.,Ltd. Image #2:Qingdao Tengyuan Design Institute Co.,Ltd. Image #3:Qingdao Tengyuan Design Institute Co.,Ltd. Image #4:Qingdao Tengyuan Design Institute Co.,Ltd. Image #5:Qingdao Tengyuan Design Institute Co.,Ltd.
Project Team Members: Jinbo Tang,Yeliang Song,Qi Yang,Chao Xu,Xiao Zhou(Landscape) ,Shaodong Sun(Structure),Jiming Zhang(Structure),Jiahui Feng,Wenqian Hao,Hao Cheng,Chen Liu,Yue Wang (intern)
Project Name: Fushan Ecology
Project Client: Tengyuan Design

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Fushan Ecology IMG #5

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