Revolutionizing Coffee Brewing: The WSD Coffee Maker

Italian Designers Nicola Zanetti and Federico Bosque Unveil a Futuristic Specialty Coffee Machine

With a unique blend of futuristic architecture and AI-inspired automation, Italian designers Nicola Zanetti and Federico Bosque have created a specialty coffee machine that redefines the coffee brewing experience. The WSD Coffee Maker, a Silver A' Home Appliances Design Award winner, is a testament to the duo's innovative approach and dedication to perfection.

The WSD Coffee Maker is not just a coffee machine, but a coffee station. Its design was inspired by futuristic architecture and the automation of movements in robots and AI. This resulted in a machine that requires minimal user interaction, making the coffee brewing process seamless and enjoyable.

What sets the WSD Coffee Maker apart from other machines is its automated movement of parts. The machine collects ground coffee from the upper container and moves it to the water outlet position with a simple rotation. With just one button, the brewing process is initiated. Users can adjust the grinding, temperature, and volume of water settings to their preference, ensuring a perfect brew every time.

The WSD Coffee Maker is a marvel of modern technology and design. It combines ABS plastic parts, a glass flat base with a touch interface, and a metal funnel with mechanical parts that enable the automatic movement of the funnel. The machine also features a coffee bean grinder with a conical burr for perfect grinding, touch buttons for a clean and simple outlook, and a LED display to keep the user informed about the status and changes.

The project was developed in Italy over a period of six months, with the working prototype phase taking around two months. After almost nine months, the project reached the production phase. The design team, consisting of Zanetti and Bosque, faced the challenge of creating a modern, eye-catching, and easy-to-use drip coffee machine, a product not common in their home countries. Their expertise in the European coffee products and business proved invaluable in overcoming this challenge.

The WSD Coffee Maker is a testament to the power of innovation and design. It has not only won the Silver A' Home Appliances Design Award but also revolutionized the coffee brewing experience. With its unique features and futuristic design, the WSD Coffee Maker is set to become a staple in coffee lovers' kitchens worldwide.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Nicola Zanetti
Image Credits: Nicola Zanetti
Project Team Members: Nicola Zanetti, Federico Gonzales Bosque
Project Name: Wsd
Project Client: Nicola Zanetti

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