Yue: Embracing the Beauty of Wabi-Sabi in Interior Design

Injecting Japanese Aesthetics into a Calm and Rustic Dining Space

Wabi-sabi, the art of finding beauty in simplicity and imperfection, takes center stage in the design of Yue, a charming restaurant in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Renowned designer Toby Lin has created a human-centered space that embraces the essence of interior design without extravagance or over-ornamentation. With its dark-colored interiors, mellow wooden gratings, and large curved surfaces, Yue exudes a calm and stable atmosphere that transports diners to a tranquil dining experience.

The inspiration for Yue's design comes from the wabi-sabi aesthetic, which expresses gratitude for the beauty of modesty and rustic simplicity. The hand-applied materials, including Suzuka cement texture, high-definition printing board, natural weathered veneer, Italian slate tile, aluminum alloy tile, and bamboo charcoal metal plate, reflect the rustic and primitive texture that is characteristic of wabi-sabi. These materials, intertwined with wood and metal, create a delicate balance of tension between modern style and Japanese charm, resulting in a quiet and unhurried dining scene.

One of the unique properties of Yue is its incorporation of natural light. The large open floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of sunlight to flood the space, enhancing the warm and inviting atmosphere. In the interior, partition walls are removed to offer unrestricted sight lines, allowing the mind and body to unwind and decompress. The spacious seating area provides ample room for guests to move through, making the space feel less crowded and confined.

The design of Yue also incorporates thoughtful interaction elements. The reception counter, made of hairline stainless steel panel, shimmers luxuriously and plays with light and shadow, offering a stylish yet warm welcome to guests. A hollowed-out circular screen at one end of a structural pillar emits a lustrous glow, adding extra softness to the silent space. The full circle symbolizes wholeness and happiness, creating a sense of harmony and completeness.

Yue's design project was completed in January 2022 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Throughout the design process, the team faced challenges such as incorporating structural short beams in the public area. However, they overcame these challenges by extending large curved surfaces to ease the rigid and oppressive feeling, creating a flowing arc that draws the eye upward. The private rooms feature dark brown colors, creating a subdued ambiance, and seamless materials that wrap the canopy and lighting fixtures, evoking a sense of serenity and simplicity.

Yue's design has been recognized for its excellence and creativity. It was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award is bestowed upon outstanding designs that authenticate experience and resourcefulness, exhibiting strong technical and creative skills. Yue's design contributes to quality of life improvements, making the world a better place.

Yue is a testament to the power of wabi-sabi aesthetics in interior design. With its calm and rustic atmosphere, it offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the beauty of simplicity and imperfection.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Toby Lin
Project Team Members: Toby Lin
Project Name: Yue
Project Client: Toby Lin

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