Evolution Design: Redefining Digital Identity with a User-Friendly Website

Creating a Clean and Aesthetic Online Presence

Architecture and design studio Evolution Design collaborates with web agency Netgen to revamp its website, showcasing its projects, skills, and team.

Evolution Design, known for its focus on user experience, recognized the need to update its outdated website to better reflect its ethos. Teaming up with web agency Netgen, the studio embarked on a journey to create a clean, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing online presence.

The re-launched website embodies Evolution Design's values and design approach. With a prominent display of projects from different categories, the site highlights the studio's wide range of work. The focus on human-centered design is evident through the showcasing of the team and clients. Aesthetically, the site is clean, dynamic, and user-friendly, utilizing white space and image galleries resembling mood boards, along with an interplay of typographical elements.

Utilizing design tools such as Figma and development tools like Ibexa CMS and Bootstrap, the website is designed to be fully responsive, catering to various devices and resolutions. It is compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS, and Android.

The main interaction on the website happens through the top navigation, which remains sticky to ensure easy navigation. Call-to-action buttons throughout the page facilitate further interaction. The design team prioritized functionality over purely aesthetic considerations, ensuring that content remains visible as users scroll down the page.

The revamp of Evolution Design's website began in February 2021 and was launched in October 2022. The design and development teams collaborated across Zurich, Switzerland, and Zagreb, Croatia, to bring this project to life.

Prior to the redesign, Evolution Design conducted extensive research to create a digital identity that conveys their values and appeals to their target audience. Through workshops and persona development, the website was customized to cater to potential clients, existing clients, the general audience, and the media.

One of the biggest challenges faced during the design and development process was to maintain the studio's signature design touch while creating a light and effortless appearance. The implementation of image collages resembling architectural mood boards required technical expertise and the setup of multiple image modules.

Evolution Design's new website showcases the studio's wide range of projects and skills, conveys a human-centered design approach, and delivers a clear and easily navigable structure. With colorful accents in the navigation bar, call-to-action buttons, and quotes, the website exudes a youthful, dynamic, and collaborative vibe.

The revamped website has already garnered recognition, winning the Iron A' Design Award in the Website and Web Design category. This prestigious award acknowledges well-designed, practical, and innovative creations that meet professional and industrial requirements, contributing to a better world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Evolution Design
Image Credits: Image #1: Illustrator Tieu Mayer, 2023 Image #2: Illustrator Tieu Mayer, 2023 Image #3: Illustrator Tieu Mayer, 2023 Image #4: Illustrator Tieu Mayer, 2023 Image #5: Illustrator Tieu Mayer, 2023
Project Team Members: Evolution Design: Anna Riekstina Netgen: Lea Friberg Tieu Mayer Christian Paredes Ljudevit Juras Marko Sandajl Borna Matijanic Amar Delic Samuel Raus Hrvoje Knezevic
Project Name: Evolution Design
Project Client: Evolution Design

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Evolution Design IMG #5

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