Baidu AI Cloud Unveils Smart City Data Visualization Dig Screen

Revolutionizing Urban Management with AI and Data Visualization

Baidu AI Cloud introduces the Baidu Smart City, a groundbreaking innovation in urban management. This large screen, designed for command centers across China, integrates AI and data visualization to monitor urban situations, predict crises, and facilitate efficient decision-making.

The inspiration for the Baidu Smart City stems from the need for an intelligent management tool to aid governments in managing the daily operations of China's 691 cities. As urban crises arise, this tool enables governments to conduct cross-departmental command effectively, monitor city operations through a large amount of data, and dispatch emergency supplies and personnel efficiently to protect civilian populations.

What sets the Baidu Smart City apart from other designs is its unique properties. It allows governments to monitor the urban situation through three-dimensional maps and visual charts, aiding in decision-making. The AI integrated into the system analyzes and predicts city crises, enabling preventive measures to be taken in time. It also facilitates the quick dispatch of rescue personnel and emergency equipment through communication systems and intelligent interaction capabilities.

The realization of this design is based on the space-time grid search engine, which can quickly retrieve specific information to assist government decisions. It integrates city data and digital twin technology to monitor city operations and predict crises through AI. Furthermore, it incorporates intelligent interaction capabilities such as speech recognition and digital office worker, based on the world's leading deep learning technology.

The Baidu Smart City is applicable to all large-screen devices, including LCD splicing screens, LED integrated screens, large touch screens, and external monitors. The design was developed starting January 2020, and as of March 2021, eight projects have been launched in five Chinese cities, including Beijing Haidian District City Brain, Kunming Guandu District City Brain, and Chengdu City Brain.

The design process involved extensive research and user interviews with urban managers to summarize product design needs. For instance, in the Lijiang epidemic prevention and control project, the research team interviewed the mayor of Lijiang and the director of the Lijiang Epidemic Prevention Headquarters. They found that real-time analysis and visualization of epidemic data helped the government grasp the comprehensive situation of the epidemic and provide a reference for epidemic prevention decision-making.

The Baidu Smart City has overcome several design challenges, including the creation of intelligent interactions such as Pad Control and Voice Control for interacting with the screen, improving the efficiency of city management. It also designed a digital worker to monitor the city/district overview, addressing the difficulty of large-screen explainers' holiday work and high repetitive tasks. The design also pictures different map perspectives and personalized smart data for each city level, such as the city's macro situation, the public livelihood and opinion in one area, and the hidden dangers of street safety.

The Baidu Smart City was awarded the Golden A' Website and Web Design Awards in 2023, a testament to its remarkable, outstanding, and trendsetting creation that advances art, science, design, and technology. The design embodies extraordinary excellence and significantly impacts the world with its desirable characteristics.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Baidu AI Cloud
Image Credits: Haoyuan Ma, Jian Yang, Long Cang, Yutong Xiao, 2023
Project Team Members: Tingting Wang Haoyuan Ma Yutong Xiao Jian Yang Long Cang Youping Yu Shuangshuang Lou Ningning He Duo Yang Ke Sun Zhejia Zhang Miaodan Fang Xin Guo Zhangyu Gu Ningqian Ma Wei Wang Lu Zhang
Project Name: Baidu Smart City
Project Client: Baidu AI Cloud

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Baidu Smart City IMG #5

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