Blanc Water: A Branding Design by Harel Koka

Creating a Strong Identity for a Prestigious Water Company

Branding a prestigious water company originating in France and importing pure mineral water from the Alps, this project required the creation of a consistent design language that would represent the brand's atmosphere and illustrate its characteristics and features.

Inspired by the majestic Alps, designer Harel Koka crafted the branding for Blanc Water to reflect the brand's essence of superiority and strength. The logo incorporates the familiar Alps within its design, combining typography and colors in a harmonious way that evokes a sublime feeling. This design language aims to convey the idea of a company with high vision and ambitions.

The uniqueness of Blanc Water lies in its strong connection to the alpine landscape and the colors that arise from it. The design language created for the brand is consistent across all its details, creating a cohesive and impactful visual identity.

The logo, with its clean and vital graphic sign, serves as the symbol of the Alps and the brand's association with the pristine water source. This identity is applied to all company objects and social media platforms, creating a strong and recognizable design presence.

With the creation of this new identity, Blanc Water stands out in the market, distinguishing itself from competitors. The clear, precise, and modern design language enhances the brand's impact on consumers, making it easily recognizable and memorable.

The project was designed in December 2022 and submitted in February 2023 in Florence, Italy. The meticulous research work involved considering all the details of the brand to assemble them into a creative concept that accurately represents Blanc Water's values and aspirations.

Harel Koka, the designer behind Blanc Water, successfully overcame the challenge of creating a design language and branding that reflects the vision and high ambitions of the company. The result is a brand identity that exudes simplicity, elegance, and accessibility.

Blanc Water's branding design has been recognized with the prestigious Iron A' Design Award in 2023. This award acknowledges the well-designed, practical, and innovative nature of the branding, meeting professional and industrial requirements. The design integrates industry best practices and exhibits competent technical characteristics, contributing to a better world.

Image Credits: Freepik source

Intellectual Property Notice: Copyrights belong to Harel Koka, 2023

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Harel Koka
Image Credits: Freepik source
Project Team Members: Harel Koka
Project Name: Blanc Water
Project Client: Harel Koka

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