Café and Home

A Unique Blend of Modern Simplicity and Natural Style

In a busy life, people crave a place to relax. For the engineers at the Science Park, who move between labs, offices, and homes every day, such a space is essential. Designer Aric Chang has created a café-like living environment where people can relax and forget their worries. This space is a combination of modern simplicity and natural style.

We have all experienced the desire to unwind after a long day at work. The Café and Home design by Aric Chang fulfills that need by providing a unique, stylish, and comfortable personal space where homeowners can enjoy a café-like atmosphere at home. The design features a blend of grey and white spaces, raw concrete, and dark carbonized oak, along with metal iron and exposed ceiling pipes, showcasing the freedom and unrestrained nature of the light industrial style. This combination makes the space more spacious, brighter, and truly unique.

The details of the light and end views in the Café and Home design are exceptionally delicate. The use of grey, white, and natural wood colors creates a space full of wonderful light and shadow, adding depth and visual interest. The half-walled open study provides a perfect spot for working, reading, and enjoying the clear view while immersing oneself in a café-like atmosphere.

One of the standout features of this design is the concealed dining table, which allows groups of friends to gather and enjoy good meals and good times. The stylish stainless cavity boards with hooks for flexible storage keep the space neat and organized, adding to the overall functionality of the design.

The bedroom in the Café and Home design is a warm and inviting space. Wall lamps provide a soft and soothing light, while the serene blue accents evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. It's a space that truly heals the soul and provides a peaceful retreat after a long day.

The Café and Home design project was completed in July 2021 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. It is a testament to the designer's dedication to creating a home that is not only comfortable but also unique, stylish, and full of inspiration. It is a space where dreams can be fulfilled, and the beauty of life can be enjoyed.

The Café and Home design by Aric Chang was awarded the Bronze A' Design Award in the Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design category in 2023. This prestigious award recognizes designs that exhibit outstanding creativity and resourcefulness while contributing to improvements in quality of life. The Café and Home design truly embodies these qualities, making it a deserving recipient of this esteemed accolade.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: Aric Chang
Image Credits: moooten WuChiMin
Project Team Members: Aric Chang
Project Name: Café and Home
Project Client: Aric Chang

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Café and Home IMG #5

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