Revolutionizing Bathroom Experience with Serel Passion Smart Washbasin

Combining Modern Design and Technology for a Unique Bathroom Experience

Inspired by the harmony and dynamic structure of water, Serel Design Team introduces the Serel Passion Smart Washbasin. This innovative design revolutionizes the traditional washbasin perception by integrating technology into the bathroom space.

The Serel Passion Smart Washbasin stands out with its unique features. The capacitive sensor buttons embedded in the ceramic countertop allow users to adjust the water flow, temperature, and flow rate of the faucet. Additionally, users can control the LED lighting system. These features can be personalized according to the end user's needs, offering a customizable bathroom experience. The washbasin's modular design allows for a single washbasin with a shelf or two washbasins side by side, providing flexibility and adaptability to fit any bathroom layout.

The Serel Passion Smart Washbasin is produced using traditional casting and high-pressure casting techniques. The application of Hygiene plus nano-technologic surface adds value to the product, making it different from others. Its antibacterial surface technology prevents bacterial growth, ensuring a clean and hygienic bathroom environment. The intricate details of the washbasin are purified, resulting in smooth surfaces that prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dirt.

The Serel Passion Smart Washbasin measures 1000 mm in width, 500 mm in depth, and 170 mm in height. It is made of fire clay ceramic casting raw material, ensuring durability and longevity. The washbasin's packaging is environmentally friendly, reflecting Serel Design Team's commitment to sustainability.

The design of the Serel Passion Smart Washbasin was inspired by the rising trend of digitalization among all consumer groups. The aim was to develop an ergonomic, user-friendly, and smart washbasin that would become a pioneer in both the domestic and foreign market. The final product was formed based on the results of studies with focus groups.

The Serel Passion Smart Washbasin started in March 2022 in Manisa, Turkey. The design faced challenges in creating an innovative form and technology that carries marks from authenticity. However, through extensive research, the most aesthetic and ergonomic design was achieved for final production. The design was awarded Golden in A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award in 2023, reflecting the design's extraordinary excellence and significant impact on the world.

Project Details and Credits

Project Designers: SEREL Ceramic Factory
Image Credits: All images prepared in computer graphics by in house cg technologies and team members.
Project Team Members: Ali YILDIZ Zafer DOĞAN Selen USTA
Project Name: Serel Passion
Project Client: SEREL Ceramic Factory

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Serel Passion IMG #5

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